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It Was All Lost

Chapter 1: The beginning

Alexander Ryker

For Ryuji Satosan the day had started out as it usually would, by starting his daily routine immediately. He slipped out of bed into his slippers before making his way to the bathroom. There he showered, brushed his teeth, then made his way to his bedroom to dress himself. He dressed in normal everyday clothes, jeans, and a t-shirt. Before he left he slipped on a long white lab coat, his keys already in the left hand pocket. When he made his way out of the door the first thing his eyes laid upon was his sleek black motorcycle shining brightly in the morning light. The male walked the few feet towards the bike before slipping onto the comfortable padded seat. He started the engine while putting on his black bike helmet, slipping the visor down as he took off down the street. 

The morning air whipped against his skin, cooling him off from his previous warm shower. Around him the world flew by following the familiar streets until he came to a large white building. He passed a sign reading "Loki-tech corps" into a parking lot to where he stopped in a spot reading his name across the ground. Ryuji hopped off the bike, turning the keys before pulling them out. The bike's engine sputtered to a stop. Pulling the helmet off his head he quickly fixed his hair as he walked towards the large double doors. Making his way inside he passed many of his coworkers, who bid him good morning though he walked still in silence. A few feet and a door later he found himself in the locker room stuffing his helmet in his own locker along with his keys. Once done the male made his way out the door again, walking another few feet to more double doors that read "Tech development lab". 

Once inside only one other person scurried about back and forth from the many projects writing quickly onto a clip board. Ignoring the man Ryuji made his way to the last project in the back, a mangled mess of metal and wires. He began his work instantly, which the other noticed scurrying over to speak to him. "Ryuji another award was delivered to your office last night. Jesus how many is that now?!" The man spoke his eyes bewildered though a bit jealousy shined through. "Taka just throw it away I don't care much for them." He spoke to the man, now identified as Taka, before starting to put together the chaotic mess. Ryuji's face was blank as he concentrated on the project at hand. The other man scurried off a bit, aggravated as he mumbled under his breath, which Ryuji just ignored. He was known to be anti-social, sometimes even cold, causing most of his secretaries to quit.

A few hours had passed since he began working on the mess, the chaos turning into a strange looking object resembling a bone like hand. Hooking the hand up to a small battery pack he had made beforehand revealed that it needed some tweaks as it began to pound on the tables. He sighed, sliding over to a computer typing quickly, his hands flying over the keyboard. In the middle of his coding the doors to his lab swung open. Instead of his assistant was a bold looking man in a fine looking suit. The man wore a plain black suit, his hair was shoulder length jet black, and the only imperfection was the man's eyes. His left was blue but his right was a dark brown, almost black. He caught himself staring at the stranger which didn't usually happen with anyone else. He spoke up crossing his arms and leaning against the wall "May I ask what you are doing in my lab?" As the other moved closer Ryuji noticed he was quite shorter than the other, by a foot maybe a half. 

"Ahh, yes my name is Alexander Ryker I am taking over this company." Ryuji arched a brow before scoffing, he knew the last owner was an old cook probably had an heart attack. "So what are your plans for it?" He scoffed, standing up straight. Rich men never knew anything about science and he highly doubted he understood what Ryuji did here. "Well for a start I don't think the company's name should be Loki the god of mischief. Secondly, I think we should expand from just tech to more beneficially things such as artificial life." He shook his head letting a chuckle out at the taller male to which he received an almost irritated look. "You know you are going into a pretty dark place here right?" A smirk deemed Alex's face as he spoke "Oh yes but I think possibly creating a whole new species and saving a few outweighs the morals." He couldn't argue with the other, after all that was one of many things Ryuji was knowledgeable in. "I also plan on putting you as the leader of a team for this project. Of course you'll get a pretty hefty salary increase." Now that caught his attention. He had always wanted to move out of his parent's old place and this was just his chance. "Fine but I don't want any idiots this time. Can you handle putting together a team like that?" 

"We shall see." Was all Alex spoke before turning and leaving the lab leaving Ryuji with a great view of that toned ass. Shrugging he decided to leave early. He was, after all, getting paid more so it didn't really bother him.

Ryuji stopped his bike in the driveway next to his roommate's old beaten up car. Looks like his roommate had the day off. It was the weekend after all. Making his way inside, the house was still dark and quiet. His roommate was probably still sleeping, though by now it was nearly the afternoon. Making his way into the kitchen he began to prepare himself lunch which consisted of a power bar plus a glass of diet soda. Diet was the only thing he ever drank, sometimes it aggravated his roommate but he just shrugged it off. Diet was sweeter than regular soda and boy did he like sweet things. Whenever he made a glass of tea he would literally add a cup of sugar. Leaning against the counter he finished his small lunch with relative ease. Having nothing else to do he made his way to the living room switching on the TV to an abstract channel. He pretended to listen to the show he had randomly selected but his mind wandered evermore to the man that waltzed into his lab. He didn't know how long he sat there but at some time his roomie had wandered in watching the show while eating a bowl of cereal. 

"Someone has something on their minnnnnddddd." The female sang out with a devious smirk her voice catching the males attention. "Yea, I got a new boss today some rich guy bought the company or something. What about you Lea?" She shrugged letting out a deep sigh. "My girlfriend blew me off again. I'm starting to think she's cheating." Lea twirled a strand of her long pink hair around her index finger her face looked slightly bored yet pissed off. "Maybe you should get a nice guy?" She snorted rolling his eyes at Ryuji's comment. He damn well knew she was completely gay, the same as him. "Yeah right. But from your face it looks like you finally found an interesting guy." He shook his head almost dismissing the thought but then again that perfect sculpted ass rang through his thoughts. "I don't know....He's not my type." She made a tsk sound before slipping over to him. "He's rich then?" He nodded he had always hated rich men mostly because they were always preppy and snotty. "But he could always turn out to be different." She whispered in his ear teasing him before taking her empty bowl to the kitchen. "I don't really know him either." He called out turning off the t.v to join her in said kitchen. "So get to know him. Oh, yea me and a few friends are headed out tonight do you wanna join us?" "No, I'll be fine here." She bounded up stairs but not before calling him a party pooper.

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Brandon Mckinney
Brandon Mckinney

I mostly do yaoi (gay) stories usually off of animes or shows I like. I can do a lot of original plots. One day I plan to write my own book that changes how people view Lgbtq.

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It Was All Lost
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