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Jan 3, 2018: 3 Volutes (UFOs) in Tactical Vee Formation Over New Zealand

Volutes or something else?

No sooner had we finished discussing an intercept between two Air Force F-15 Eagles and two Lithuanian SU-30 Flankers (here), that a story was posted showing the possibility of three volutes (UFOs) in a tactical vee formation over New Zealand (here). We have seen examples where extra terrestrial pilots use three ship compression tactics (here) whereas Earthling pilots use two ship conversion tactics as their SOP (standard operating procedure).

What we want to do is change the format so that, when a sighting occurs, it does not always follow the same profile where everyone just says "oh is it a UFO" and then everything subsides because no one can prove what it is. Then the military will just deny it the way they deny every UFO sighting. By changing the terminology we use, and changing the way we describe the event, the civilian Earthling population can raise the level of awareness and force action to take place.

For example, we can't say for certain the lights are actually vehicles, but we can say that during the video they exhibited the same formation as a tactical vee.

Tactical Vee's are three ship formations.

F-22's probably in a standard Vee formation

The way the lights maneuvered, they did not exhibit any ratio maneuvering. Ratio maneuvering is RATIO—Right Angle Turns Instantaneous Omnidirectional acceleration. Ratio maneuvering was not displayed here, though it is described in many UFO sightings.

The lights did not appear to be flying, though they may have been hovering. Hovering is a porpheme for "hold over." Hovering may or may not be flying depending on what type of vehicle it is done by. For instance, a helicopter can still be considered flying while hovering because the rotors are shaped like wings and are complying with Bernoulli's principle.

Whereas a Harrier jet:

Harrier Using Thrust Vectoring

is not flying because it is using a concept known as thrust vectoring, which does not employ Bernoulli's principle to generate lift.

So, by evaluating the sighting and using analysis that elevates the conversation to an Extra Terrestrial intelligence level, it changes the way UFO sightings are perceived. If the civilian Earthling population is able to get this to take place in a public forum, military pilots of the world will be forced to acknowledge they do not have the tactics or equipment necessary to deal with extra terrestrial spacecraft and something must be done about it. Staying silent is not going to solve the problem. This will essentially bring about disclosure.

Some people are apprehensive to say something is a UFO sighting because they don't want to be embarrassed if they are wrong. If you look at the video from the story above, some people say they are parachutists with flares. The key is, even if that is true and you say it looks like three volutes (UFOs) in a tactical vee formation and you're wrong, it doesn't matter. 

Just the fact that you are trying to not use the term UFO alone is such a revolutionary change to the concept of extra terrestrial spacecraft sightings that that is all that is important. As long as everyone keeps calling every unknown sighting a UFO, we might as well all stay in the 1940s with Kenneth Arnold and Roswell.

Even the most recent F-18 UFO Intercept has a career F-18 pilot saying an object looks like a tic tac is flying. Since cylindrically-shaped objects don't have wings, they can't be flying. If the best military pilots can't figure out what is going on, then it is up to the civilians to do it. 

If no one pushes the envelope using advanced terminology and concepts and everyone just wants to stay in the comfort zone using UFO sighting, we will just have to sit here and wait until they decide to disclose to us what is happening, and who knows when that might be.  

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Jan 3, 2018: 3 Volutes (UFOs) in Tactical Vee Formation Over New Zealand
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