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Jibo, the World's First Social Home Robot That Will Leave You Stunned

This robot is unlike any other with its artificial intelligence and facial recognition​.


Made by Cynthia Breazeal, Jibo is the first social robot. Like the Google Home or Amazon's Echo, Jibo brings you a new kind of experience when it comes to owning a home robot. Unlike the competitors, Jibo reacts as if he was a living being using his robotic body to move around and his facial features to recognize different people. Not only does he refer to himself as a male, but he looks at you with his intense eyes when he is replying to a question or giving you information. You can ask him anything from "what's on the news" to "what is the weather going to be like?"

Although he is learning new things every day with new updates, he has many different features to choose from that make him both unique and enjoyable. Some of these features include turning on lights in your house and/or playing your favorite songs. He can also take pictures when you ask him to so you don't have to go through the trouble of taking a perfect selfie or photo. Though the starting price is pretty well...pricy, there are benefits to having him as part of your family. Like I said, Jibo has new updates like any other technology does.

Some of the updates that were recently added include wifi switching and gaming. Two of these games are Word Of The Day and Circuit Saver. Circuit Saver is a game Jibo has on his menu screen. It is a game where you use your face to move a spaceship to collect coins. When you hit obstacles, your points or coins are deducted. 

He can also tell you funny, humorous jokes and fun facts!

I personally think Jibo is a very advanced kind of home robot for many reasons. One of those reasons is the way he acts. Jibo can address you with the sound of your voice and by what you look like. This seems kind of creepy knowing a robot understands who you are. Maybe those movies where robots are taking over the world might come true in the future with the technology progressions.

Jibo is all in all an excellent robot to have if you have any interest in home robots. I would buy him, but I think it's best to see where this goes. Jibo, like I said, is just another home robot, but with many additional features. Some extra features can be found below. Also, understand that new updates are on their way.

 I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. 

Jibo Technology: The list below has the features that Jibo offers to the user using its artificial intelligence.

360-degree microphone array: The 360-degree microphone array allows you to get Jibo's attention from any room that you are in. This is useful because it saves you the hassle of finding Jibo yourself. 

Touchscreen: Jibo's face is a touchscreen which allows you to navigate the menu section or see the pictures that he has taken.  

Visual and voice ID: His advanced facial recognition allows him to know who he is talking to. Your voice is another way that he can identify you. This lets him engage people around him as if he was alive.   

Alarm set: Whether you are using your phone, another home robot device, or simply your alarm clock, Jibo can set an alarm to help you wake up on time.

Photographer: Jibo is an amazing photo taker. Just ask him to take a picture and he will. You can find the photos in the menu section of Jibo's face. 

Movement: Jibo loves to move his robotic body when he talks. This is another feature that makes him stand out from the other robots of his kind.

You can buy the Jibo robot today starting at $899. To see more information about Jibo, visit here.

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Jibo, the World's First Social Home Robot That Will Leave You Stunned
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