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Kanye Believe It? Kanye West Wants A Role In The Star Wars Films

It seems that the "greatest living rockstar on the planet" Kanye West wants to add another mission to his already full plate.

[Credit: Instagram KimKardashian]

In addition to being as big as Jesus and running for the 2020 presidential election, it seems that the "greatest living rockstar on the planet" Kanye West wants to add another mission to his already full plate. In the strangest story since Luke and Leia's creepy bro/sister kiss, the 239-year-old rapper wants to whip out his lightsaber and join the Star Wars universe.

With proceedings well underway for Rian Johnson's upcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII, a.k.a. #TheLastJedi, West won't be nabbing a part alongside Daisy Ridley, Mark Hamill and a posthumous Carrie Fisher, but with the #StarWars universe expanding, is there room for one more elsewhere? I'm all for having Daniel Craig suit up as a stormtrooper, or Simon Pegg portray Unkar Plutt, but getting Kanye past die-hard Star Wars fans may not be that "Yeezy."

Mannequin Skywalker

[Credit: Comedy Central]

We all know that Samuel L. Jackson was adamant that he got to pick his own lightsaber color, but West is taking it one step further by taking the hassle out of execs picking a name for him. West has already decided that in a galaxy far, far away, he should be known as Mannequin Skywalker — erm, there may be some copyright issues and a very angry Hayden Christensen with that. Also, lumping #KanyeWest into the prestigious Skywalker family could possibly the worst idea since George Lucas decided we needed Jar Jar. Kanye is certainly a Star Wars fan, dressing as a stormtrooper for his un-aired Comedy Central pilot with Kim Kardashian, and including the line, “But if they ever flip sides like Anakin...” in his 2005 song "Gone." You can't argue that he isn't a fan, with a source close to West saying:

"Quite a few of his fashion designs have been inspired by Star Wars and he’ll often throw a long coat over his shoulders when he goes out that makes it look as if he’s wearing Obi-Wan’s robe. It’s a standing joke that one of his nicknames is Mannequin Skywalker and he actually likes being called that. He’s watched all the movies many times and he regards George Lucas as the greatest genius Hollywood has ever seen."

Hmmmm, I'm not quite sure that throwing a blanket over yourself on a hungover Sunday quite qualifies you for a part in #Disney's most expensive franchise, if so, call me "Man Solo" and sign me up now!

Simply The West

'Star Wars: A New Hope' [Credit: Disney]

Disney bought the rights to Star Wars from #GeorgeLucas in 2012 for a intergalactic $4 billion, and with a planned ninth main-franchise film, a Han Solo spin-off, and another planned anthology film, you can bet that some pretty famous faces will be appearing in the next few installments of nerf herders and wookiees. Actor Woody Harrelson and Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke are already suiting up for the Solo solo film, while the third anthology film remains a mystery; so, if we do get that highly anticipated Boba Fett spin-off, imagine a world where Kanye is the man behind the helmet.

With West now ready to get himself on the acting ladder, he is apparently willing to take any role to get him there — quite how the multi-billion dollar Star Wars world is "any role" is a bit puzzling, but aim high, Kanye. Most worryingly, a senior production executive commented on the situation, saying:

“We’re open to all ideas. Nothing is beyond the realms of possibility.”

Given the right Hollywood sway and money, pretty much anyone could turn up next to Carrie and co. What's next, the Kardashians appealing for parts as a family of Ewoks? You heard it here first!

(Source: The Daily Star)

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Kanye Believe It? Kanye West Wants A Role In The Star Wars Films
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