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Keyboard Killer (Chapter 2)

An interactive/reality game of life or death.

Chapter two

One month ago

Billy Henson shivered as he stood at the edge of bishops bridge. Tears had dried on his aged face, RECEIVER 27 had his wife and daughter hostage. He watched as 27 roughly tied up his family via his virtual view spectacles.

"Ok, now all you need to do is jump, make it a good suicide, I've got your pretty little family here, we don't want anything to happen to them now do we?" yelled 27 sarcastically, teasing a Bowie knife against the cheek of Billy's wife. His daughter screamed hysterically, before 27 cracked the side of her skull with the butt of shotgun, rendering her unconscious.

"Ok, ok, I'll do it, you won't get away with this, it's against the community rules, I'm a GIVER for gods sake."

"This is the only way they're gonna listen, by upsetting the balance of that god damn community." seethed 27 as he tied a gag around his wife's mouth.

"Look we can work this out, there's a way of retracting the prompt, you can hack the system, if you found me as your giver then you know how to get in." Said billy compassionately.

"I've tried that, do you think I am stupid, there's something totally wrong with C.F.L. this is the only way I can cash and opt out, my own way." replied 27 menacingly pushing the knife harder against his wife's cheekbone, her eyes bulged with fear.

"For god's sake don't hurt her. I have the codes to remove you from the database. It will be like you never existed." Said billy.

"What codes, I've already tried all that."

"I can do it 27, I created C.F.L."

Reciever 27 released the pressure on the knife and piloted the drone around close to Billy's face, a bitter chill lashed against his cheek as he balanced himself on the edge of the bridge.

"You created it." Said 27 with surprise.


"Wow, so you can do that, take me off the system?"

"Sure, how long have you been with C.F.L.?" Said billy, projecting a comforting tone.

"Two years now, I'm another one of the unfortunate ones who didn't read the small print on the receiver rules. I just can't keep running. So you'll help?" Said Reciever 27 coyly.

"I will, I'll help you 27."

Billy crossed his arms, rubbing them up and down, trying to shake off the chill. Suddenly the drone veered off to the left and crashed into the girder of the bridge. Billy, slightly shocked, stepped on to the rail side of the bridge and ran quickly to the Black Lamborghini he'd arrived in.

"Doors," He shouted, the driver door slid smoothly open.

Climbing in he pressed the pre-set journey automater. The door slid smoothly shut.

'HOME...CALCULATING JOURNEY DISTANCE.' Lexi, his onboard conduit slave, ran the numbers for his journey home. Blue neon lit up the magnetic highway as the vehicle hummed into the distance.

Inside Billy Henson's beach house, Kelly his daughter began to untie her mother, she had already tied receiver 27 to the drinks cabinet, blood trickled down his head from the flower vase Kelly had smashed over it.

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Keyboard Killer (Chapter 2)
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