Keyboard Killer (Chapter Eleven)

An interactive/reality game of life or death.

Chapter Eleven

Sarah fumbled in her handbag for her keys as she got out of her car. Making her way to the front door of the flat, she noticed the door already ajar.

"Blake, are you home?" she shouted, but no reply.

She closed the door behind her, noticing that the lock was broken.

"Don't move!" Kelly pushed a stun pistol into the back of her neck.

"Please don't hurt me, take what you want!" cried Sarah.

"Hands up! Over there." Kelly directed Sarah, to the chair in the living room, pushing the gun barrel into her neck.

Kelly held the laptop in her other hand.

"Where is he?" seethed Kelly.

"Where's who?" replied Sarah.

Kelly cracked the butt of the pistol against the side of Sarah's temple, knocking her unconscious. Blood trickled down the side of her face.

Kelly opened the laptop and accessed the C.F.L. database. Accessing the financial banking platform and deactivating her father's cards linked to the account.

She then opened the link to Lexi's control panel and attempted to shut down the vehicle that 27 was driving. It was no use. Tom had already manipulated Lexi's on-board systems with manual override.

"Damn It!" rasped Kelly as she slammed the laptop shut. Sarah began to come round from the pistol blow.

"Now I am going to ask you again and this time your going to tell me where he is." whispered Kelly close to Sarah's ear.

"If your talking about Blake, he should be here, he finished his shift about an hour ago. He's usually home by now," sniffed Sarah as she wiped the blood from her head with the back of her hand.

"I'm looking for Receiver 27. That laptop was carrying a beacon and it led me here. Who else do you live with here?" questioned Kelly, as she trained the pistol at Sarah's head.

"I live with my friend Blake, we share this flat together. I have no idea who receiver 27 is," replied Sarah sheepishly.

Kelly huffed and walked over to the window. She stared at the traffic outside.

She looked around the flat, Sarah cowered in the chair.

Poking around Blake's belongings she noticed a photo of him and Tom aboard a yacht, holding a shark between them.

"Him, where is he?" Kelly pointed at Tom in the photo.

"Oh you're talking about Tom. That's his friend. I should have known he would have something to do with this. If it's money he owes you, i can assure you that Blake has nothing to do with his gambling debts." Said Sarah sincerely.

"It has nothing to do with his debts. That 'mother fucker' killed my parents. Now how do I find him?" Kelly moved over to Sarah once more, holding the pistol close to her head.

"Look, I don't know where he is and I know nothing about your parents. Here take my phone, call Blake he'll know where he is," replied Sarah as she reached into her bag for her cell phone.

Kelly snatched the phone from her and searched her contacts list.


"Jesus, slow down Tom! You're gonna get us killed! Where the hell are we going?" Shouted Blake.

Tom weaved the Lamborghini in and out of traffic at high speed.

"We've gotta get to the community settlement, That's where 58 out of 200 receivers are, including me, the rest are dead. I managed to get them safely there. It's a safe place. they are off the C.F.L. tracking grid there. There's still 5 more on the run," replied Tom.

"Community settlement, what you talking about? Listen Tom you're gonna have to tell me what's going on here," demanded Blake.

"The laptop I was using back at your flat was Dr. Henson's. It had all the C.F.L. database info. I took it after I killed him," Tom slowed down as he approached the outskirts of Stanford mega city.

"You did what?" replied Blake, confused.

"It was me or him Blake. I couldn't leave C.F.L. once your assigned as a receiver, you write your own death sentence. It's all corrupt. There is no cash and opt out.

"So you were a receiver?" asked Blake.

"Yes, but after my tenth prompt, I realized that I was the only one who had made it that far. They had not expected for receivers to last that long, so they broke their protocol and carried on with the hunt," replied Tom as he pulled up to the foot of the forest.

"If you knew that it was corrupt, then why the hell did you put me on to it?" raged Blake.

"I manipulated your account, you were never going to become a receiver, just a giver activator. You would have been able to cash out, because I was controlling the software," replied Tom.

Blake's phone had linked with Lexi's Bluetooth. "Incoming Call" the dashboard of Lexi lit up a neon green with the name "Blake and Sarah calling."

"Accept," said Blake activating the loud speaker on Lexi.

"Blake, is that you?" Asked Sarah.

"Yes, is everything okay?" replied Blake.

"No. It's not okay. Are you with Tom?" Sarah breathed heavily.

"Yes, he's right here with me now."

"Turn that car around from wherever you are and head back here, or this bitch is dead," ranted Kelly.

Tom shivered as he recognized the voice.

"Don't harm her, I'm on my way back," pleaded Tom.

"You've got one hour," replied Kelly as the call ended.

"Oh what the fuck! Who the hell is that? She's got Sarah!" panicked Blake.

"Okay I got this. Calm down Blake. That's Henson's daughter. She's not going to kill anyone, not while I'm still alive. I need you to head into the forest about 500 meters north. That's where the rest are. Tell them Tom sent you and that I have organised the takeover of C.F.L. I will be back in a few hours, with suits and weapons. I'll make sure Sarah is okay.

Tom knew that no more Execute prompts from C.F.L. users could take place after he had encrypted the software earlier. Although still unable to shut down the trackers on the final five.

Blake got out of the car a little puzzled. Tom pulled up the back seat revealing a C.F.L. suit and a cache of weaponry.

"Trust me Blake, I'm gonna make this right," said Tom as he climbed into the suit. He placed his helmet on the passenger seat.

Blake stood motionless and confused for a moment before setting off into the woods. Tom turned round the Lamborghini and headed off at speed.

Inside C.F.L. Weapons training, Xavier Gonzalez fumed at the news of the C.F.L. software hack. He gave all 20 givers the go ahead to search for the final five receivers. Two Thunder blade choppers were waiting on helipads outside the facility.

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