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Keyboard Killer (Chapter Five)

An interactive/reality game of life or death.

Chapter Five

'You have reached your destination,' voiced Lexis GPS system, as Dr Henson pulled into the drive of the beach house. Inside, Kelly Henson sat next to receiver 27, brandishing a shotgun from Dr Henson's gun cabinet. Christine Henson, the Doctor's wife, leaned on the kitchen counter, facing Kelly and 27. Dr Henson walked in, moving quickly over to his wife.

"You okay honey?" he said as he hugged her.

"I'm fine," she replied.

Dr Henson then made his way over to Kelly, asking the same question. She nodded in acknowledgement. The doctor gave her a reassuring kiss on the forehead. His attention then shifted towards receiver 27. He took the shotgun from his daughter, walked over to the drinks cabinet and prodded him in the shoulder with the shotgun. He slowly came round.

"Kelly, could you grab a wet towel and the first aid kit from the garage, He's bleeding all over my god damn floor," seethed the Doc.

"Sure," replied Kelly as she made her way out the back of the beach house. There was a minute of silence as they waited for him, to come round. Kelly brought back the first aid and towel, the Doc's wife began to clean up his forehead.

"How did you find my home." Dr Henson shouted into his face. He just stared at him. The Doc shoved him with the shotgun once again.

"I said, how the hell did you find this house." The Doc's tone elevated.

"Okay, Okay,  Easy with that thing," he replied, referring to sharp pain he received from the shotgun's barrels.

"I hacked into the C.F.L. database, I think your gonna need to tighten your security protocol, a 5 year old could access your software." Mocked 27.  Christine finished bandaging his head. 

He shrieked as the Doc jabbed the shotgun harder into his shoulder.

"You show me how you found that back door," said Dr Henson, breathing hard as he tossed a laptop onto his thighs. The Doc asked Kelly to untie him from the drinks cabinet. He moved the shotgun to his forehead.

"Any funny business and I'll blow your head off," he Rasped.

"I've done nothing wrong, C.F.L. is corrupt, I've avoided 11 prompts, the site is full of lies, 10 is the maximum and yet i'm still being hunted. It's bullshit there is no cash and opt out option," ranted 27, as he switched on the power to the laptop.

"The password is 'HENSON C.F.L," said the Doc, dismissing his rant. The transparent keyboard illuminated a low green neon glow. He typed the password. 

"Look it makes no difference whether i show you or not of how to get in the program."

"Show me," shouted the Doc, pushing the shotgun harder into his forehead. Kelly stood to the left of him, Christine was on his right, the Doc's face in front of him contorted in an angry fashion, as he trained the shotgun at his forehead. he deftly lifted the laptop upright knocking the shotgun out of the Doc's hands, to the side of 27 was a shard of the broken vase. He quickly picked it up, jumped up and shoved it straight into Christine's throat, blood spurted across the room as she ran manically towards the kitchen, slumping onto the sink. He jumped onto the Doc and wrapped his blood soaked hands around his neck and began to strangle him, Kelly jumped on his back grabbing at his hair, he shrugged her off, she was flung to the side of the shotgun. She picked it up and aimed toward him, His quick reaction enabled him to pull the Doc on top off him as Kelly took the shot. The shotgun's pellets peppered the Doc's back. he tossed the body off him and headed towards Kelly. The shotgun clicked as she pulled the trigger on the second barrel which had an empty chamber.  clenching his fist, he punched Kelly straight in her face. She toppled backwards banging her head on the coffee table. Blood trickled over the bridge of her nose as she lay unconscious. He grabbed the laptop and the keys to Lamborghini, before heading out. Getting into the car he started up the engine. 

"Welcome Dr Henson. Select your destination please." Lexis automatic GPS system engaged.

"Stanford Mega City."  

"VOICE RECOGNITION FAIL." Lexis voice replied with a less welcoming tone. He punched a combination of numbers into the digital panel on the dash. "SYSTEM OVERRIDE, MANUAL DRIVE NOW IN OPERATION."  He hit the accelerator, Swiftly moving off towards Stanford Mega city. Inside the beach house The bodies of the Doc and his wife lay still in a bloody mess, Kelly flickered her eyelids and wiped the blood from her eyes.

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Keyboard Killer (Chapter Five)
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