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Keyboard Killer (Chapter Nine)

An interactive/reality game of life or death.

Chapter nine

Two miles from Stanford mega city, inside a motel room, Kelly Henson picked up a large green duffel bag from the bed and headed out to an awaiting C.F.L. black Escalade. She got in the passenger side.

"The suit as requested, do you have any weaponry?" Said Xavier Gonzalez, the president of C.F.L.

"Yes, I have a stun pistol and a net, that's all I'll need." Said Kelly pointing to the duffel.

"Good, if you need replacements, I can have a C.F.L. soldier drop them for you. Are you sure you want to do this yourself?" Said Xavier.

"I'm Sure." She replied.

"Very well, I need him alive Kelly, I understand your need for vengeance, you will get your time."

Kelly nodded, as she put the suit inside her duffel.

"27's tracker has been disconnected, but inside your father's laptop there is a beacon, here is the tracking device, once the laptop is turned on your display will evaluate his location."

Xavier opened his briefcase and handed the transparent cellular phone sized tracker to Kelly.

"It will automatically engage, once he switches on the laptop."

Kelly nodded in acknowledgement and placed it inside the duffel.

She got out of the Escalade, threw the duffel over her shoulder and waved goodbye to Xavier, before making her way over to her vehicle.


Tom flipped the tops off two beers and passed one to Blake.

"So, how did you get on with the site?" Questioned Tom.

"I signed up and I have executed my first prompt. Thing is I have no idea why such a simple task has earned me £1000." Laughed Blake.

"Let me show you something." Said Tom as he took Dr Henson's laptop from a bag at the side of him.

Blake sat by his desktop, as Tom placed the laptop on the coffee table facing him. He pushed the standby button. The C.F.L. logo lit up on the start up screen.

"Wait is that a C.F.L. program running on that?" Asked Blake.

"It's more than a program, this is the laptop of the creator of C.F.L."

"What, how the hell have you got that?" Replied Blake with surprise.

"It's a long story." Said Tom now accessing the C.F.L. database.

Blake took a sip of his beer and watched Tom quickly type.

"Wait a minute." Said Tom a little bemused, as the laptop screen read access denied.

"Something's wrong here, I think they have shut me out."

"Shut you out of what? What's going on Tom?" Blake asked with concern.

Tom carried on frantically typing away at the keyboard trying to override the system. Each time it said access denied.

"God dammit." Tom quickly closed the laptop and rubbed his hand over his head.

"We might be in danger." Tom stressed to Blake.

"In danger?" Replied Blake.

"Were gonna have to leave now, let's go I will explain in the car." Demanded Tom.

Tom knew that if they had blocked his access, then they were smart enough to locate his whereabouts.

The tracker pinpointed the location of the laptop, Kelly started up the black sports car and headed towards 6th avenue Stanford.

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Keyboard Killer (Chapter Nine)
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