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Keyboard Killer (Chapter Seven)

An interactive/reality game of life or death.

Chapter seven

Tossing his baseball cap onto the stairs banister, Blake checked his watch. 12:26 PM.

"Sarah!" shouted Blake as he closed his front door behind him. There was no reply. He quickly sat down at his computer desk and powered up his system. 

Logging into C.F.L., Blake accessed his profile page. A timer at the top of the site counted down the four minutes that remained. To the left was a list of receivers with a prompt saying.

"Please choose one within four hours."

He scrolled down the list. Each receiver had a number and a short bio of themselves. Blake clicked on one randomly.

"Receiver 75 has an extensive background in assault, rape and armed robbery. 75 has evaded imprisonment on several occasions, due to lack of evidence and witness intimidation. A great choice C.F.L. recommends '3 out of 5 stars.'

If you would like to assign a giver to this selection, please click the ALT key now."

Blake laughed, still unsure what assigning a giver even meant. He was more interested in the payments. "An online game paying him for clicking a few prompts and pressing a few keys." Easy, he thought. 

He clicked the ALT key and was redirected to the givers profiles. There was a list of only 20. There were at least 200 receivers. 

He scrolled down once more, again randomly selecting one.

Blake read the bio.

"Giver 17 has an extensive background in law enforcement. Once an officer for Stanford Police department, his career was cut short due to using his own kind of justice. His wife was murdered by an intruder that entered the family home. Skilled in the use of  pulse sword's, electron nets and neutron grenades.

"Giver 17 is a great choice for those tough Receivers.

"C.F.L. recommends 4 out of 5 stars.

"If you would like to assign this giver, please click the ALT key now." Blake clicked, the page now read.

"Thank you, your selections are as follows. Your giver is 17 and your receiver is 75. Please click the ALT key one final time to execute your prompt."

Blake hesitated. He wasn't sure if these profiles he had chosen were just avatars in a game or not. Again just thinking of the money he clicked.

Redirected back to his profile page his message box was highlighted, he clicked.

"Thank you for your selection. Your prompt has been assigned to giver 17, to execute receiver 75, your account balance has been credited. Your next prompt will be four hours from now and must be executed within four hours, Thanks again C.F.L."

The time was now 12:42 PM.

Blake looked bewildered as he clicked his account wallet.

"BALANCE £1.000."

Blake put his hands around his head, leaning back on his chair, he laughed.

"Doesn't make sense," thought Blake.

The door bell rang. Blake logged out and made his way to the door. He slid the door catch off and unlocked, opening the door. Tom stood outside holding a six pack of beer and a smile on his face.

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Keyboard Killer (Chapter Seven)
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