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Keyboard Killer (Chapter Ten)

An interactive/reality game of life or death.

Chapter Ten

"Good morning gentlemen and congratulations, you are the final 20 that have been selected for the C.F.L. program. If you would like to follow me, I'll take you down to the training area. Now, I know some of you are already experts in weaponry, but here at C.F.L. our Ammunition's Department is far beyond your usual gun club," said Xavier Gonzalez officially.

"I doubt that," said Henry Kimler, C.E.O. of Stanford Bank and Trust.

"Oh Mr. Kimler, I can assure you of that," smirked Xavier.

The group of 20, Stanford's rich and elite businessmen, all dressed in the high tech C.F.L. soldiers suits followed, Xavier down a brightly illuminated corridor towards the entrance of the C.F.L. industrial weapons testing unit.

"Good afternoon, President Gonzalez," the computer voiced iris recognition door entry system greeted him. Large steel doors to the facility slid smoothly open.

On entry, an array of weaponry lay on metal tables, in front of the tables was the assault course displaying a number of strategically placed mannequins.

"Here, you will learn the basics of C.F.L. weapons technology. If you would like to select your weapons of choice, you may select up to 3 items that are specifically designed to connect to your utility belt on your suits," said Xavier waving his arm towards the tables.

The group made their way over to the tables.

"Now, what we have here are the finest in pulse and electron units, each piece of equipment has a different usage. For example the neutron net that you are holding Mr. Gomez, will deploy an 8' in diameter net which is perfect for close quarter encounters with your assigned receiver. You have all been assigned a giver number which will correspond with the leader board. At the moment, as you can see you are all set at zero on the board. Each week, the leader board will be updated to show the current front runner in the game. It will consist of kills and times of your kills," said Xavier, pointing towards the neon leader board, the 20 names were displayed brightly.

Chuck Gomez, an ex officer for Stanford police department handled the neutron net.

"Your helmets are named tagged. They will give you visual updates and location tracking for your allocated receivers. Your handheld notification device will tell you when your receiver is active." Xavier pointed towards a shelving unit to the rear of the room, which displayed four shelves each containing five helmets and device's on each.

The group each selected theirs.

"You will have a team of five C.F.L. agents assisting you with your hunt. Once again communication will be via your helmet to C.F.L. base command. If you encounter any problems during your receiver hunt, one call to your team and they will assist you. After every successful execution, your team will also be on standby for your extraction via thunder blade choppers.

Are there any questions?" barked Xavier.

"None for me," said Kimler clipping a pulse sword to his belt.

Chuck Gomez laughed at Henry Kimler's nonchalant attitude, as he re-positioned the cigar in his mouth.

The rest of the group had nothing to say, just eager to equip themselves.

"Okay then, may I wish you all a great hunt from all here at C.F.L. We appreciate your time and money you have invested in us. Please feel free to hone your skills on the assault course," said Xavier appreciatively.

The sound of the high tech equipment was ear piercing as the group toyed with the weapons.

"Say, you up for a little side game?" Kimler propositioned Gomez.

"What you have in mind?" replied Gomez, carefully examining his helmet.

Kimler adjusted his utility belt around his over sized waist.

"Fastest kill time, for your first three," said Kimler.

"Sure," smirked Gomez as he attached a neutron grenade to his belt.

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Keyboard Killer (Chapter Ten)
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