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Keyboard Killer (Chapter Thirteen) Final Chapter

An Interactive/Reality Game of Life or Death


Chapter Thirteen

Jake led the soldiers from the settlement and marched along the forest path on a mission towards Stanford mega city, their destination, C.F.L. headquarters. They planned to destroy the whole facility, taking down the mainframe unit inside. Blake walked alongside him. It was a 30-minute walk and conversation was minimal along the way. The crackle of white noise could be heard from the radio unit Jake had dangling from his hip that relayed messages from 27.

Kimler's chopper landed straight after Gomez alighted from his. He jumped out, making a dash after Gomez who was now heading towards Blake's flat. Inside, 27 was untying Sarah. Kelly was now gagged and tied to another chair.

Sarah made a dash towards the bathroom, as she heard a pulse sword strike hit the front door. Gomez had struck his sword along the hinges on the frame. The plasma cut lanced through it like butter. The door collapsed inwards. 27 grabbed his pistol and belt from the floor, buckled up, and quickly positioned himself behind the kitchen breakfast bar.

The kitchen window smashed inwards as Kimler deployed a neutron grenade. It bounced off the side, dropping in front of him. Without thinking he quickly grabbed it and tossed it towards the door Gomez was entering. It landed at his feet, he looked at 27, then looked towards the grenade, making a grab for it. It was too late. A small nuclear pulse hit him full on, hurling him backward with considerable force against the chopper he'd arrived in; it had fried his cranium, blood poured from facial orifices.

27 made a run to the bathroom, grabbing Sarah, telling her they have got to leave. He made his way cautiously towards the door. He fired a succession of stun blasts towards Kimler, who now ran for cover behind a dumpster.

He then blasted the two choppers' fuel tanks, igniting them. It was followed by two almighty explosions covering the road in flames.

Kimler covered his head with his arms as hot chopper debris spewed on and around him. He screamed, running from his hiding place, away from 27.

Holding Sarah's hand they ran towards the Lamborghini, jumping inside they sped off.

Kimler dusted down his suit and watched as he drove off. He made a call to C.F.L. headquarters. No one picked up the call.

Blazing sirens echoed in and around the facility as Blake, Jake, and the settlement soldiers breached the front gates of C.F.L. The 18 other givers assigned to search the city had heard the news on the facility breach, they had quickly made their way back to join the fight with the settlement resistance.

Piles of bodies lay left and right as the soldiers blasted away without fear, hell-bent on taking down the mainframe and ending the C.F.L. corporation.

Arriving soon after 27 and Sarah drove straight through the destroyed gates of C.F.L. along the compounds roads towards headquarters. The soldiers were already inside, engaged in battle with the C.F.L employees.

Xavier Gonzalez, with nowhere to go, ran towards the elevator to the Communications tower, with access to his personal chopper to escape the carnage.

27 entered inside the facility to meet with Jake and his men. Sarah noticed Blake and quickly ran over to him throwing her arms around him.

"Communications are down. The soldiers have control of the training facility. Just the mainframe left," shouted Jake to 27 as the sound of stun weapons echoed around the facility.

"Okay, you head on up there and shut down that fucking system for good," he replied as he strapped on one of the newest of weapons, the Cyber Cannon to his arm, fusing around his forearm and stretching out an extra two feet.

Jake blasted the security doors to the mainframe.

Gonzalez had deactivated the lift from the top of the communications tower.

Bursting through the emergency stairs door, he headed up six flights towards Gonzalez.

The soldiers had now eliminated the rest of the givers that had arrived. Jake had lost at least 13 of the 58 he had.

He was now inside the main frame unit; he stared in awe at the rows of, "Big Iron." Their high stability and reliability enabled these machines to run uninterrupted for decades.

But Jake was about to end that.

Around Stanford Mega city, the thousands of subscribers to the C.F.L program were having trouble accessing the website, encountering "404 PAGE MISSING."

Jake had thrown three neutron grenades inside the mainframe unit, before dashing out into the open facility. The rest of his soldiers were there to greet him. Their mission was complete; the facility was terminated.

Gonzalez opened the door to his personal Thunder Blade chopper, quickly positioning himself in the pilot's seat and firing up the Electro Radial Engines.

27 burst through the fire door to the roof. Gonzalez was strapping himself in as the rotors whipped around the top of the chopper in a whispering fashion.

His face filled with fear as he aimed the Cyber Cannon towards him. The weapon Gonzalez had designed was now deciding his fate. He knew it was impossible to escape a blast from the ray it dispensed, but nevertheless, he pulled on the collective and grasped the cyclic, lifting him vertically. 27 had fired a bolt of blue towards the chopper encasing it, in a bubble of static electricity. Sparks fired from the rotors as it quickly shut down the mechanics on board, sending it into a tailspin. He quickly shielded himself behind an air conditioning unit as the Thunder blade clipped its rotors off the side of the roof. Inside the cockpit, Gonzalez tried to right the chopper frantically before its interior burst into flames. He could hear his screams as the chopper fell down the side of the building, finally hitting the ground, with an almighty explosion.

Tom AKA 27, now no longer a number, headed down to the rest that had congregated in the facility courtyard. Their job was done. He walked over to Jake, smiling. Jake was smiling back as he pulled him in for a manly hug. Sarah and Blake stood beside him.

The soldiers regrouped, by order of Jake, as he headed them out, back towards the settlement. Sarah and Blake followed. Tom's mobile rang. There were already 13 missed calls. It was Jane. She was already at the presentation giving him the good news on her project, oblivious to what had gone on. He ended the call, letting her know he was on his way. He watched as Jake, Sarah, and Blake. Along with the rest of the soldiers, they made their way into the distance. Tom turned and looked towards the C.F.L compound, a well-structured organization reduced to ruins. He started up the Lamborghini and headed away from the chaos.

Just outside of the facility Kimler and Kelly Henson watched through binoculars as the carnage unfolded. He opened the briefcase Gonzalez had entrusted him with and checked the contents. The C.F.L hardware was still intact. Kelly had a cerebral chip implanted containing all of C.F.L's software. They both twisted hard on their accelerators to their Electro bikes they had picked up from Kimler's weapons storage unit just outside of Stanford Mega city and blasted off into the distance.

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Keyboard Killer (Chapter Thirteen) Final Chapter
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