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Keyboard Killer (Chapter Twelve)

An interactive/reality game of life or death.

Chapter Twelve

Tom arrived at Blake's flat, pushing the already ajar door open.

Kelly had her pistol trained at 27 as he turned the corner into the living area. He put his hands above his head. Sarah was tied up and gagged at the side of Kelly.

"Get over here, take off that belt and slowly throw that stun pistol to me," ordered Kelly motioning to Tom, to sit in the chair effacing her. He looked over to Sarah, as he sat down. Her eyes were reddened and tear-filled.

27 nodded and smiled at Sarah in a reassuring way, as he slowly removed the belt and slid the pistol to Kelly.

"So how are we going to do this?" questioned Tom.

There was a brief pause.

"You'll see," said Kelly waving the pistol left and right towards Tom.

Kelly had already made the call to Gonzalez, Gomez and Kimler were informed of the hunt and were told to make a real show of this one. The score between Gomez and Kimler was 2-2. Tom was unaware that the five that were on the run, including himself was now down to just one. 

The competition between Kimler and Gomez, had gained a lot of online interest and was now trending, they had both eliminated 2 receivers and were now hungry for the elusive receiver 27.  Tom sat in silence, Sarah let out a muffled cry once more as Kelly stared at 27 with hatred.

Blake made his way through the woods, now arriving at the community settlement. He was stopped by one of the members. The settlement looked primal, a makeshift campsite, a far cry from the Mega city living standards. These outsiders were reduced to a low standard of living for defiance against C.F.L.

"Who are you, and what's your business here?" shouted Jake, head of the resistance camp.

"I've been sent by Tom, receiver 27, he told me to come to tell you we are ready to go to war with C.F.L."

The two camp members standing to each side of Jake, lowered there stun pistols as he gestured them to.

"Come," said Jake waving him towards the wooden gates to the settlement. Blake walked over and joined him as they entered the gates into the settlement square. All 58—just as Tom had told him. 58 trained soldiers armed to the teeth.

"27 saved our lives, without his bravery and resistance to C.F.L. we would not be here. He is a God in the eyes of us all here. We are ready to fight this war," said Jake.  Blake listened with intent as the camp's resistance leader led him towards his quarters within the settlement.

27 looked through the window as he heard two Thunderblades hovering above, he took a deep breath calming himself as he turned to Kelly who now was smiling. Sarah murmured with fear still shivering with panic.

"So here we go, It's now time for you to be taken from the game Tom, you murdering son of a bitch," said Kerry menacingly.

"Oh Shit," 27 squirmed around in the chair trying to think of a way to get out of this. Kelly still trained the stun towards Tom's head.

27 reached his left hand down the side of the chair and gripped the console controller that Blake always stuffed down the side. Tom tossed it like a boomerang, knocking the pistol from Kerry's hand. He jumped onto her, pinning down her face to the wooden floor. The first chopper was down and Gomez alighted, selecting his weapon of choice from his utility belt, the pulse sword.

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Keyboard Killer (Chapter Twelve)
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