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Kris Marshall Reported to Be Peter Capaldi's Replacement on 'Doctor Who'

BBC wants to keep Capaldi's replacement confidential for the time being, but the Thirteenth Doctor may have just been leaked.

'Love Actually' [Credit: Universal Pictures]

Following its rather long break from the BBC, Doctor Who Series 10 has officially begun with a rather chilled-out opening episode, which was pure genius. However, fans know that this is the final series for the current Doctor, played by #PeterCapaldi. The current Time Lord will bow out of the show this Christmas, where the new lead will take on the iconic role.

#BBC, of course, wants to keep Capaldi's replacement confidential for the time being, but, the Thirteenth Doctor may have just been leaked by several sources, who claim to have inside people that have access to top-secret information.

A Former 'My Family' Star May Become The Doctor

'Death in Paradise' [Credit: BBC One]

The Mirror, who has been accurate with #DoctorWho spoilers recently claimed that former My Family actor, Kris Marshall, has already started filming scenes in his new role as the Thirteenth Doctor.

"Kris Marshall has already joined the cast and will regenerate at the end of this series, not in the Christmas special. They won't risk a woman Doctor. They want the Tennant type."

Based on the above quote from The Mirror, how true can this be? Recently, Peter Capaldi has expressed that he will regenerate in the Christmas Special, but The Mirror claims he doesn't make it that far. Is Capaldi telling a lie, or has The Mirror finally been caught spreading false rumors this time?

Bets were originally placed on Kris Marshall following his departure from Death in Paradise, until all bets were halted due to “A surge of punters" backing Marshall as replacing Capaldi as the Doctor.

Like the BBC, representatives for Kris Marshall have refused to comment on this "leaked news" and claim no casting decisions have been made for Series 11 yet. For now, we have to wait until official confirmation from the BBC, because for all we know, The Mirror could potentially be wrong this time around!

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Kris Marshall Reported to Be Peter Capaldi's Replacement on 'Doctor Who'
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