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Kuri: the Origin #KuriStory #HeyKuri

This is the story of how Kuri came to be.

Emily was a proud eight-year-old granddaughter of the well-known robotic scientist, Professor Janeway Connelly. She would always go to the robotics lab department where Janeway worked and either observed or interacted alongside her grandmother. She was fascinated with the robots designed to assist others in need.

Emily dreamed of becoming a robotic scientist like her grandmother. Every day, she would write down notes from some of the books she read and videos she watched discussing the mechanics of robotics. At times, she would draw pictures of robots for ideas, no matter how silly the robots look in her drawings.

When she became 13, she was given an award in her school for her excellence and science projects on some of the first few robots she made herself. Whenever she was asked about her interest in robotics, she would always point out that her grandmother was her inspiration. During the summer of that year, she was given the most terrible of news; her grandmother was dying.

Her grandmother suffered a stroke and was left with a weakened heart and she had only a few days to live. As Emily stood by her side, tears streaming down her face, Janeway took her hand. 

"Don't be sad, Emily. I will be fine. I enjoyed spending time with you all these years. You have given me something worth remembering and now it is time for me to return that favor to you." She pointed at her bag. "I left you something in there."

Emily walked over and reached into the bag. She took out a folder and she opened it. Inside the folder were the designs of a robot and the title above said "Project Kuri." Along with the designs was a small microchip. 

"When you've built it, Emily," Janeway said, "put the chip inside last. I've already set in the programming. This is my gift to you. Just promise me you will take care of Kuri."

Emily sniffled as she gave a silent nod before running over to hug her. She wept as she heard the sound of the heartrate flat-lining. When she came home after her grandmother's funeral, she sat silently in her room, looking at the pictures of her and her grandmother while remembering the days they spent together.

She looked over to her desk where the folder lied and stared for a few moments before going over and beginning to study the designs. For the months to come, she had been spending hours buying parts, setting them together, re-configuring ones she made an error on, and after placing in the final piece, Kuri was almost complete.

Emily picked up the chip her grandmother gave her, held it to her closely, and gave it a small kiss before she inserted it into Kuri. Just seconds after insertion, Kuri beamed to life. She looked at Emily and gave a cheerful chirp while flapping her arms out. Emily gave a tearful smile as she mouthed, "Thank you, grandma."

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Michael Hawkins
Michael Hawkins

I have enjoyed writing since childhood and thought of becoming a writer. I am actively creative, bubbly, energetic, and I am adventurous. When I'm not writing, I'm either outside, acting at a local community theater, or donating plasma.

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Kuri: the Origin #KuriStory #HeyKuri
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