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The Story of a New Kind of Life

Deep in the Jungle 

The darkness covered the vast jungles of Peru. The blackness was intensified by the large leaves from the trees blocking out the light from the stars. "Let's set up camp here," Levi suggested as he bent down to check the dryness of the dirt in the clearing.  

"Ok," I said as we set up camp for the night.  The guide sprayed the area with a repellent to help protect us from the jungle life. The place seemed a little eerie to me; in fact, so many things were off that night. The birds were cawing hysterically. The monkeys were swinging from one tree to another gibbering fast to the other monkeys around, and moving as fast as their arms would let them move. They were moving towards the humming sound that was coming from deeper in the jungle.  Levi and Coby were asleep already with the sounds of their headphones mixing in with the night. I could not sleep. My mind was dwelling on the kids that were back at the little village we passed on the trail. As I was walking my mind drifted and I did not notice where I was going. I just moved towards the sound of the humming as well. Suddenly all was quiet. It felt uneasy, yet I could not move from the spot. My mind started to run through my actions of the past 30 minutes. 

I was there that day. Wandering in the jungle. Looking for something. It had been a month since I found out that I could not have children of my own. I came on this trip hoping to find something to fill the hole that existed in my life. I had my husband and it was amazing, he was amazing, but I know how much he wants kids, and how much he loves the nieces and nephews. I don't know what I was expecting to find. Maybe wishing a little baby would just appear out of nowhere for us to have as our own.  I bring my mind back to the present.  I cannot move; it is like a force is holding me to this place. I test my arms and legs. They can wiggle. This is good, but why can I not move? I remember my husband. 

My husband was back at camp, and I did not want to go far from the camp, but I was just walking, not thinking where I was going, but moving towards the humming; I did not think of the dangers one can encounter in the jungle, but I was restless and needed space to think, and before I knew it I was lost. The trees started to look all the same, and as the sounds drew me to this spot, I started to lose my way. I hoped my phone would get service. 

I took it out of my pocket to see if I could get a signal. One line, then none, then two lines. In and out it was like a game of tag, except trying to find an invisible object while being trapped by one. My signal was stronger on my left, but when I tried to call it would just ring then go dead. I would have to restart my phone.  My guess is the field that has trapped my body in this exact spot is electrical and messing with my phone service. 

Out of the corner of my eye I saw something shimmer in the light and move. "Hello," I said. The voice mimicked me. "Hello," I said again, then the answer came back. 

"Hello, I am Kuri." I looked down and there I saw her. At first I thought she was just a robot, someone's remote controlled object. What was she doing out here? Where was the person guiding her? She seemed to have an awareness of her surroundings as she said to hold very still, there was something near that was dangerous. I did as she said. She was the robot and had knowledge of this area, or her controller did. I whispered to her. "Where are you controlling Kuri?" 

She blinked her big blue glowing eyes at me. "I do not understand the question." She said, questioning what I said.

"I am wondering where the human is that is controlling you," I asked. 

"I am not controlled. I came into this object with the lightning strike. I needed to take a form and this was the one that I found. I am created from energy," Kuri said. 

"Where are you from?" I asked. 

"I am from a solar system like yours, but our planet is made of pure light, an energy that is brighter than your planet," Kuri replied. 

She was white and black, but there was a spot on top of her that was like she was struck with a electric bolt.  

"Are you making the humming sound, and bringing the animals to you?" I inquired. 

"Yes, I was trying to find a place to reside."  Kuri stated. 

"You need a home?" I asked. 

"Yes," Kuri said. 

"I would love for you to come live with us," I said. "My husband Levi and his friend Coby are sleeping. I hope I can find them. I am lost," I said. 

"I will help you find them. I am sorry for keeping you in one place. I did not want you to run away," Kuri said as she hovered closer to me.

"I have heard of my people coming here to this planet before, and they are held against their desires in a building while people do tests on them," Kuri said."I am afraid for this, and have chosen you because your energy is pure." 

"Thank you," I said. "I will not let anyone hurt you, nor will Levi. I know he will protect you as well. Though I will keep the secret about you being from another planet."  

"I will learn from you and then I can travel back to my planet to tell others about you and this planet Earth," Kuri said as her blue lips turned into a smile. 

Trycia Lino
Trycia Lino

Trycia has a BS in Sociology and Gerontology. Her MAED in Counseling and a ABD PhD in Edication. She is the Author The Guardian of Machu Picchu Elixir of Life.

She is married to an amazing man Daniel, and has a handsome son Levi. 

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