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Ann King2 hours ago
Pick a Pile Tarot Card Readings
You have to admit YouTube has some pretty interesting videos. So many in fact, that you can find yourself getting so involved and engrossed in them that hours will tend to fly by without you even noti...
Tractor Talks6 hours ago
Sagittarius (June Energy Reading)
It's a party, it's a party, it's a party, ayee! I love the energy that I'm feeling from my remarkable Sagg's. Like seriously, I know you guys have been through the ringer and back, to the point where ...
Daniel Silva7 hours ago
XTC78 Nebular Sector. Located 150 million light years from Earth. Interstellar ship Nova10. The crew consists of 25 people, mainly doctors, scientists, and researchers. There are very few militaries w...
Edward Germana day ago
'The Power'
The Power is a 1968 science fiction drama based on a novel by the same name. The film stars George Hamilton as Professor Jim Tanner and Suanne Pleshette as Professor Margery Lansing. The Power was pro...
Tractor Talksa day ago
Leo (June Energy Reading)
Leo... put the paws down. Taurus season showed you something really intense and you really tried to internalize that? Really? Do you always have to prove that you're okay? I get a sense that for some ...
Reality of Living in My World (Ch. 4)
Decisions, decisions, Pandora thought waiting for her jet to arrive. Stay and play, or go? She shook her head in heated frustration. It was time. She had been dreading it for so long, but she couldn't...
Aaron Dicka day ago
In Defense of Psychic Vampires
I’m a psychic vampire. That’s not easy to say, much less admit to myself. Especially in today’s day, when vampires are either scoffed at for thinking such outlandish things. Or for those who believe v...
Tractor Talks2 days ago
Libra (June Energy Reading)
Not to throw any shade to my fellow air signs, but you've been catering like Cinderella to her step sisters. I know you're a people pleaser, but seriously, we get it. I know something happened and it ...
Colin Kowal2 days ago
My Hopes for Rey
In 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker'