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CD Turner5 hours ago
Divisible (Ch. 3)
Catch up here: ONE and TWO
E.K. Sandoval5 hours ago
Human Parts
I was around seven, of course going to school in the Plasmeridia History School, Seraphobin district. Everyone goes to the history school when they are a child to learn the basic fundamentals of this ...
Carlos Guerraa day ago
The Acceptance of Death
What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal. — Albert Pike Since the dawn of time, one of the most taboo subjects of conversa...
Journey Scribe2 days ago
Fairy Tale: The Princess and the Drought
Once upon a time, there lived a princess who desperately longed to save her kingdom. The crops had withered, and food and water were scarce because of a monstrous drought. She sent messages to ally ki...
CD Turner2 days ago
Divisible (Ch. 2) [NSFW]
I lie beside the Head, frozen in trauma. Had it minutes or hours since he finally rolled off me? It was traditional for the Head of House to sleep with their concubine the night of the ceremony. There...
Paul Levinson2 days ago
Review of 'The Orville' 2.11
A real diamond of an episode—2.11—of The Orville last night, right up there with the best time travel stories of Star Trek: TOS and TNG. Well, it's not actually time-travel, it's a time capsule that s...
CD Turner3 days ago
Divisible (Ch. 1)
ONE My mother affixed sprigs of baby's breath to my hair piece in between the carnations. I stared at myself transforming, being decorated like a Christmas tree or a seven-layer cake. The makeup was t...
WatchMojo 3 days ago
10 Things That Would Happen If the World's Ice Melted
A real life waterworld would be even worse than the movie. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the "10 Things That Would Happen If the World’s Ice Caps Melted." For this ...
Ember Joy3 days ago
The Strange World
Prologue: The world was beautiful and green, not a building in sight. Turning around, there were fields as far as the eye could see; fields full of wheat, corn, tomatoes, grapes; all types of fruit an...