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Nick Brown2 years ago
Rewatching... Doctor Who: The Faceless Ones - Part 6
Saturday 13 May 1967 There was an article in the paper yesterday describing how a man had written to Gatwick airport because he was worried about flying in case he got miniaturised. Perhaps it was ton...
Chris A. Jones2 years ago
I Love Time Travel, Even Though It’s Impossible
Time travel has been a source of fascination for decades, serving as the central theme in some of our most treasured science fiction stories. But is time travel really possible? Although I’ve recently...
G.F. Brynn2 years ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 13 (Pt.1)
Read Chapters 1 - 12 at: Deep Sky Stories
New 'Star Trek: Discovery' Trailer Is Released
Over fifty years, Star Trek has entertained science fiction fans the world over, and it looks like now, with the release of the new Star Trek: Discovery trailer, fans of the Starship Enterprise will have more adventures on the final frontier. Taking place 10 years before the USS Enterprise set off with Captain Kirk, Spock, Bones, and Uhura, Star Trek: Discovery tells the tale of two star ships: the USS Shenzhou, led by Captain Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) and the USS Discovery, led by Captain Lorca ...
Outrun Stories2 years ago
Outrun Stories #23
“Why do you say it?” the teenager asks as he pulls his leather gloves tight on his hands. “What?” he pauses, looks around, the headlamps from the Porsche piercing the night and reflecting a metallic h...
Hyapatia Lee2 years ago
Many people accept reincarnation to be a fact. Dr. Jim Tucker at the University of Virginia has studied over 2,500 children who had memories of past lives. Most of these children were living in famili...
Maya Simone2 years ago
Bumblebee Part 2
Chapter 2: Miranda watched the stars as they floated in the sky and for a moment she pretended as though she was one of them. Beautiful. Purposeful. Lighting up the sky to guide all of those who were ...
Ethics of Self-Driving Cars
Self-driving cars are slated to revolutionize the way that transportation happens. No longer will people have to worry about wasting time while finding parking or dealing with trying to determine whos...
Mo Darasi2 years ago
Immortal's Tale Chapter 3
"Maxi ma boy! How's business?" Leonard Goldstein. His condescending tone always irritates me. He's 63 years of age, and my appearance is one of a 35 years old man so he finds it appropriate to call me...