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Tom Baker10 days ago
No Man an Island
"A lifetime of service in a vast effort of war, the whole of which he could never comprehend. He, who had sworn never again to so much as think of an instrument of war, who had hated the scheming and ...
SKYLERIZED 10 days ago
Life and Production: S3 E9: Against Azure Blue
The Flying Machine After exiting from the Goulding Automotive lot, Lesane went straight home to his other prized motorized possession: a robot driven golf cart. Just as he was turning onto the compoun...
Paul Levinson11 days ago
Review of 'The Orville' 2.10
Well, critics are waking up, after the two-part episode last week and the week before, about how good and important The Orville is. Will Harris of The Verge observed that "With the two-part episode 'I...
Raahim Ahmed11 days ago
"We all have grown tired watching the countless individuals out there on our front lines fall! Being gutted as we sit here perfectly safe and sound! Safe as they bite dust," the man is pulled off stag...
SKYLERIZED 11 days ago
Life and Production: S3 E8: Citizens on Patrol
What role does faith play in a cop's life?
1202 Duece Lee11 days ago
Anja (Ch. 3)
"This isn't home!" Amaranth pouts rubbing the grassy hill resting beneath us. "No, Amaranth, it isn't home." I try turning my head but my neck is stiff so I just stare into the bright glowing Amethyst...
Wonk! Magazine12 days ago
Should You Trust Your Senses?
There’s a famous saying that "seeing is believing," as people will often not believe something until they have seen or experienced it for themselves. It’s almost like when someone says to you, "Don’t ...
Paul Levinson13 days ago
Review of 'Project Blue Book' 1.9
Well, the shiny round object in Project Blue Book 1.9 wasn't in the sky, or even on the ground. It was in Barney's neck, and was evidence that he had been abducted by extraterrestrials. In what passes...