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Indigo Soul9 days ago
The Ultimate Guide to the Astrological Sign Capricorn
Learn the characteristics and everything you need to know about the sun sign Capricorn.
5 Best Doomsday Escape Plans
A lot of people think that some sort of Apocalyptic event will take place in our near future. While only Evangelicals believe that it will be the Bible’s version of Armageddon, people from all walks o...
SeDari World10 days ago
Lucid: Chapter 1
PROLOGUE Damn... back to the real world again. Life is great and all but... I'll leave that comment for later. Most people wake up happy to see another day, “all praise to the most high,” they say. Me...
Michael Grube10 days ago
'Narcopolis' (2015)
There are not many movies that I finish and cannot stop thinking about afterward. Not the simple thought of "Hmm...that was a good movie...," but the feeling that you had no idea the ride you were abo...
Cass Magic10 days ago
How To Survive a Spiritual Curse (...When You Don't Know Shit, OR HAVE Anyone...) PART 2: The HEX and The Bruja
...not only was Mr. Phillips known in the neighborhood as a man who practiced Obeah, he was also a man who spent his leisure time digging in trashcans. A man of wild resources, Mr. Phillps brought hom...
Gabriel Mero10 days ago
The Dax Dilemma
Fans of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine will be familiar with the Dax symbiont, a wormlike entity that joins with a race known at the Trill. After each host dies, the symbiont passes to a new host, who ret...
Eugenia Moreno10 days ago
Home? (Chapter 9)
"What is it?" His superior looks at him while the individual bends down to determine the cause of his disruption. I'm silent, and my body, knowingly of the situation, begins to sweat intensively to th...
Gabriel Mero10 days ago
Seven of Nine Is the Best 'Star Trek' Character
Growing up, I was never into Star Trek at all. I knew what it was, I had a basic knowledge of what it was about, but I never watched it. I didn't watch a lot of TV shows as a kid—not adult ones. I lik...