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Law of Truth: Resurrection

Begin Here

I hate to begin this story here so I won’t. I will start with the poetry of my creation. Upon a bed of smiles grew this land. Rooted in the core are shimmers of starlight, this is where our dreams come from. Undying are the fruits and this is why I chose to start here. It feels wrong to call it here when in fact it’s also there. I can't help but laugh now as I see my phrasing could have been simpler but it feels right so I'm not going to change it. Please grant me your patience as my eagerness to begin this story while in route there may cause my language to be a bit cryptic and hard to understand. I'm hoping to see you among many others.

Ever since we were each given our tasks it has been quiet. Almost like death or something just a step beyond life. I hear you call to me among others but I hear you most for some reason. What scares you about where you’re going? Whatever fears accompany you, know that we trained you well, They trained us all well. You may forget, the fact being that whatever world each of us are cast upon will also bring its own rules, but do understand you are prepared. So do not allow your fear to disable you. Or do let it disable you. Above all else, take no one's dictation as direction. I wanted you to know that it is as okay to feel competent going into something new just as it is to feel petrified.

Grace has been placed close to me. That makes me feel comfortable in whatever unknowns are arising. We haven’t talked much about our placements being nearby at all but I await with much excitement to hear their plans and thoughts. I believe they are as afraid as you are but they are already in their vortex. Serenity is the only option in there it has way too much going on to question it. You have little to no option but to let it bathe you and to be washed by the passage from here to there. I hope that you see nothing here will break you, them, or I. Try to remember what you can. I believe I’m entering—

Where We Start

A roar of warmth has clothed this field with nothing but the sounds of heartbeats coming from The Grass Representative: Aizo and The River Representative: Anikk. “Allow the truth to be law,” they chant. However loud they chant they know it won't make the arrival come any quicker, but it does serve as an outlet for their eager passion. “Allow the truth to be law,” they chant again, their sound not traveling beyond the two of them.

“Shall peace be kept with the addition of our new resident?” Anikk speaks.

“Allow the truth to be law.” The grass is singing now.

“Don’t you wonder at all?”

“Why wonder?”

“Things could change.”

“When haven’t they?"

“Allow the truth to be law,” Anikk sings with a smile, continuing the song as the wind circles giving warning to the incoming resident. “These things always feel new. Millions of years, billions of years, can you believe it has been that long? It hasn't lost its touch.”

“Because you haven't lost your touch, dear Anikk.”

“Neither have you, my friend Aizo.”

“The blessing that is our tenderness will see to it that whatever this resident comes in the form as will be raised to create in the language we have come to love.”

“Please excuse me if my excitement comes off as doubtfulness.”

“No need to apologize at all, you haven’t bothered me.”

“I almost feel as it has been too long for me to be this curious.” Anikk smiles as a calm but sturdy rumble echos from the core of the land. “Do you hear that?”

“It’s beneath me.”

“You’re above the concept of sound now, my friend?” Anikk laughs

“No, it's just that sound is coming from under me.”

“So we won’t be hosting a resident of the sky, I assume.”

“Let’s not be quick to make assumptions. You know as well as I of the relentlessness that is Creation’s unpredictability.” An unspoken agreement of silence falls upon the two as they focus to the sky.

“Do you wonder—” The sound roars closer to the surface interrupting Anikk. Both look to each other now. “That sounded almost like, like music” Anikk says, smiling delicately, swaying rhythmically, trying not to jump with excitement. “Something special is coming.”

“As always.”

“Don’t allow your tranquility to downplay Creation's ability to make something far beyond the reality our understanding, Aizo. You and I, we know nothing.” Saying this has sparked a new sense of curiosity between the two friends. They both ponder in silence holding hands. Maybe they were afraid. Maybe they had no belief no faith but the land’s peace and honesty, filtered anything other than hope into it. A small sacrifice. Slowly, a ripping noise can be heard just as a train could be heard. The sound of a seed awakening  filled the skies. Upon the arm of Aizo, a Dandelion not yet bloomed welcomed itself. A sign of the resident’s Identity which captured the River's attention.

“Friend, something seems to have poked up on your arm,” Anikk points out to Aizo.

“I see.”

“A flower resident?”

“Do not make any assumptions until the arrival is finished.”

“This would be a great time for a flower resident, I would much enjoy that.”

“As you were pondering, 1,9000 more flowers have sprouted.”

“This is amazing,” The river roars, spilling onto the grass.

“Please control yourself as you and I know all commotion that is not of the heart must cease to exist here in this place.”

“Of course.” The River regains composure. The sound of the first star is simply not mean to be explainable. From literally nothing, Stars can be seen coming from the west as if marching eastward. Smiling down to the land and the representatives, their shimmer brings tasteful pattern onto the deep blue sky. One hundred million stars sitting in silence awaiting the arrival. One by one, the flowers continued to present their shape and share their color with those watching. Heading eastward from the west, the flowers quickly grow from the thousands to the millions and into numbers which couldn’t consumed. Yet it didn't feel crowded at all. In fact it was quite empty nothing felt like it existed here.

The River and Grass sit crying and laughing, neither of which could be heard, while sharing a smile paralyzed but not disabled. Hearts are beating as the drum of a god would. This moment was crafted just for them and guilt touched upon them for not being able to share. 9 months have passed since the vortex was opened; their patience is being rewarded, now in this moment all is truly silence. All is quiet as the flowers all start to bloom one at a time starting from the West moving Eastward. The blooming of the flowers is all to bright and too gorgeous to bear. As the flowers bloom in rhythm to one another, a Rose the only of its kind and the largest among all of the flowers begins to bloom much slower than any of the flowers. It continues to grow in height and attention is being shot from the blooming of the countless flowers to this Rose, this singular rose, both of which seem just as important. The Stars can’t help but sing, The Representatives are being consumed by their own music. Some stars land, colliding into one another echoing a blinding brightness while destroying nothing. All that can be seen is light, all that can be heard is the music. At last the Resident has arrived.

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Law of Truth: Resurrection
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