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Le Cirque De La Vie

Brought to you from the fifth dimension.

From left to right: Neda 2009, Juda 1984, and Enlil 2009 

Artist's biography

A chrysalis wandering through the abyss of the universe, I borrowed a monsoon to descend to the planet and compose a diverse parable. Exposed and observant, I revised Concrete Building Construction and decided to paint it my way.

My way? Dreamers who have been woken into a three-dimensional reality try their best to stay awake and not to remember they came from a dreamland!

My way? Yes, the way it happens in dreamland. And my spirit sat in motion.

1954– I landed in a loving Jewish home in The Imperial Dynasty of Iran.

1972- Secure and agnostic; I studied Concrete Constructions Architecture.

1978- Survived mandatory services in The Shah’s army.

1979- Crash of 78 moved me to New York where Liberty authorized me to follow a dream and major in Fine Art at New York Institute of Technology. However, upon my achievement, maintaining social standards as an artist seemed to be unfeasible.

1982- Fashion 101. Manufacturing glamorous cover-ups in glorious profitable 7th Ave; off-course!

1987- First came love and then came marriage. Then came two babies in one baby carriage!

1994- In pursuit of happiness; The Chariot stopped in LALA land where passion for further advancement in self-discovery, purpose and the meaning of life led me to study of Human Behavior, the subconscious mind, the Altered States of Consciousness, Astral Projection, OBE, Esoteric, Kaballah, and Magic.

Abruptly; Zorak arrived from nowhere, in an ecstatic phantasmagoria. Naturally! 

“So, it shall be written,” Zorak commanded. And I wrote ”Zorak, a true adventure.”

2001- Judgment struck the Towers and Death did us apart. The Chariot stopped in New York where The Sun was missing and The Devil had captured The Lovers.

“So it shall be done,” Zorak suggested!

2002-I created the nonexisting God of illusions and rebelled against my father’s kingdom, passed over the great plains to the other land of milk and honey the heavenly Palm Springs. Soon Wheels of Fortune brought me to Justice and. I was divorced.

With “Zorak, a true adventure” in hand and Hermit’s guidance, The Hanged-Man transformed to The Magician and The Fool began to live.

2007- Le cirque de la vie established in peace and began to perform in harmony. As aliens invaded the stage, energizing the newly created nonexisting God of illusions.  

2010-The High Priestess exposed Zorak in Persian Jewish Legacy in a magical gathering where The World was renewed, and the Wheels of Fortune spun to a stop at The Empress. Advance communications took place, we said Ole', and Orbs revealed their presence.

2016- Shaken by the magical drum beat, the unbelievable lyrics and the victorious performance of the exceptional D.J. who Trumped America and the World; I was moved to ER. Awake again in mystery, I turned from the left to the right, and found my Self, whirling in singularity like a dervish in ecstasy; observing the beauty of the peaceful & loving, playful & dazzling, mesmerising, liberating, inspiring, encouraging, empowering, energizing, motivating magnificent process of a terrifying transition from darkness to light, and feared no more!

2017- To be ecstatically continued in Omni... 


Shahram is multimedia painting measuring 36" x 120" 

Limited edition hand painted giclee in different dimensions soon be available.

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Shahram Farshadfar
Shahram Farshadfar

Multidimensional extraterrestrial travelers visiting the Earth in search of intelligence. Authentic & original, offensive & politically incorrect; they come in peace and have a great sense of humor. Proceed @ your own risk.

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Le Cirque De La Vie
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