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Let's Talk About Star Wars

The Force

Okay so there are many things we can talk about in Star Wars, the Force being the prime candidate. We all heard about it from many important figures. That the Force is what gives people their power that it is an energy that surrounds, binds and penetrates everything. That through hard work, training and dedication one can master the Force and become powerful. There are different paths to power, through the Dark side, the Light side and the neutral. Now through the Dark side and the Light side they follow their doctrines and code.

  • The Sith Code: Peace is a lie, there is only Passion, Through Passion I gain Strength, through Strength I gain Power, through Power I gain Victory, Through Victory my chains are Broken, the Force shall set me free.
  • The Jedi Code: There is no Emotion, there is only Peace, there is no Ignorance, there is Knowledge, there is no Passion, there is Serenity, there is no Chaos, there is Harmony, there is no Death, there is the Force.

Now we can all see clearly that these two codes are completely contradictory of each other. Though just because the philosophies differ, it doesn't mean that one is more potent than the other. We've seen many masters of the Dark and Light. But which would you choose? Does the Dark side really give power more easily than the Light? Does the Light really outshine the Dark in the end? What about the neutral ground, someone who uses both the power of the Light and Dark? Now some people have tried to create a middle ground group known as the Grey Jedi and/or Dark Jedi. They have a code, but I don't think it's been canonized yet. But let's work with what we have and I'll be using this code that I think really defines the middle ground perfectly.

  • The Grey Jedi Code: There is no Light without Dark, through Passion I gain Focus, through Knowledge I gain Power, through Serenity I gain Strength, through Victory I gain Harmony, There is only the Force.

Now we never really meet any Grey Jedi and/or Dark Jedi. Now why name the middle ground Grey or Dark Jedi. Should there be a better name? Not sure... oh well. Anyway, all codes come together that there is one ultimate goal, the Force. Everyone and anyone can learn to use the Force (before the mention of midi-chlorians) and that through hard work and training can learn to wield the Force and use it however they want too. 

Through the Light side you learn to use the Force for learning, meditation, defend for the weak and never attack, to compromise, to allow everyone a second chance, to deny the Dark side. Through the Dark side you learn to use the Force for greed, lust, power, the strongest survive and attack to destroy your enemies, to make everyone your slaves and to snuff out the light. Then the Grey/Dark Jedi who learn to use the Force through both sides, that they are willing to do whatever it takes to maintain the balance. To do whatever it takes.

We learn that fully embracing the Dark side causes abnormalities to your body, as seen with Sith Eyes and like Palpatine, whose body became so shriveled it was like a ghost. Yet the great power a Sith, even as a Sith Apprentice, is so much greater than most Jedi Knights and Masters because your emotions really do make you stronger than serene temperance. The Light side does no such abnormalities and it shows that either you take forever to master the Force or you are really gifted and can learn the force easily. Again I can't really comment on the Grey Jedi as we never really see them in action. Ashoka maybe, but she never really trained anyone. A great quote from Legends EU was Kyle Katarn, "It doesn't matter how one uses the Force, all that matters is why you use it," which I thought was great. You can use both sides of the Force and not totally be evil and crazy and then not totally be naive and benign. Kind of like being a Grey Jedi.

So back to the Force, the ultimate goal of anyone trying to achieve. If we look at it as a living being and/or thing. We can think that it must have some ultimate goal for those who use it. The Dark side gives power and yet sucks your life away. The Light gives you power but demands great patience and time. Not sure what the middle does. With the Wills, who are the masters of the Force and who have seen the birth of it and seen the generations of those who wielded the Force, this is just their story being written down about those who've wielded the force, and even taught those how to transcend death and become a Force Ghost. Yet what about the Force itself that gives people it's power? What does the Force get out of people using it?

People in the Star Wars Universe say that when you die you lose all individuality and become part of the Cosmic Force. So that's it? You live and die, unless you learn to become a Force Ghost. I guess the Force is like a loan from the bank, that you take and use it (if you were smart enough to learn it) and then once your time comes it just brings you right back to repay your debt with yourself. Just something to think about. Something that maybe the future Star Wars films can take us down as we explore more about the force.

Thank you for reading.

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Let's Talk About Star Wars
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