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Life and Production: S1 E10: The Delawarean

How would you like a bit of homemade wine to drink to discuss business?

The Estate

When Dr. Saffron Isadora Lesane had reached her house, she noticed that her husband and Zev Tal were standing in the driveway. Preston and Symphony saw their father standing with Uncle Zev. All three of the Goulding’s passengers looked eager to jump out and greet them.

"Look at this dream. They get better looking every time I see them,” Tal said. Trevor Lesane grinned and approached the Z Set as it eased its way into the garage. Saffron and her two children exited the vehicle and encountered the two men.

“Daddy!” Symphony screamed. "Hey, Dad," Preston said. The children ran up and hugged their father. "Hey, Uncle Zed," the two children said in unison.

“Hey, vape,” Saffron said to Lesane.

“Hi, kush,” Lesane responded. They kissed. Tal looked on and flashed a brilliant smile.

“Are you two planning to take over the world in front of my doorstep?” Saffron asked.

“Not at the present moment, ma’am,” Tal added. “We’ve just laid out the framework for complete global domination. That is all.”

Lesane unfolded his arms and looked at his offspring. “Why don’t you two run inside.” He watched them head into the estate. He then turned to Saffron and said, “Come on, tell me... what is it?”

Saffron looked past Tal and peered into Lesane’s eyes.

“How did you…” she started. “Yes, there is something that I would like to discuss with you,” she said.


“Hey, I’ll leave you two alone. Seems like the Mrs. has some big news,” Tal said as he called for his File 4. He entered the vehicle and left in under thirty seconds.

Lesane motioned for Saffron to enter their domicile. “After you,” he said.

In the Lesane household, the temperature set itself to a not-too-chilly 72° Fahrenheit. The lights dimmed to a level where you could see your hand in front of you, but not much else. Lesane fixed his wife and himself glasses of Eso with fresh fruits picked from their vineyard. The cushions on their leather chairs conformed to the contours of their bodies. Saffron laid bare the tale.

“The Institute wants me to go on a lecture tour. All expenses will be paid for as far as meals and travel are concerned. I am to leave, if I accept, in one week.”

“Wow,” Lesane said. “And you wanted to know if I would approve of your excursion?”

Saffron sipped in a slow way. The berries tickled her nose. “Well, yes, darling. Bob brought it to my attention and wanted to know if I would agree. I thought it over but realized that I should let you know that your wife will be out of town for a few weeks,” she said.

“Understood,” Lesane smiled. He raised his glass. “To an adventure that should take you on ever higher intellectual heights,” he said, clinking glasses with Saffron. “Do you know what it will entail?”

“I’ll be utilized to express mathematics comprehension. The techniques that I employ in the classroom will be observed in the talks that I will give,” Saffron said.

“I’m not worried about that. I know that you’ll slay those other professors with your sheer talent and know-how. And you don’t have to worry about the kids. I’ll drop them off and pick them up from school. Where are the locations for the lecture series?”

“Hong Kong, London, Paris, Los Angeles, New York, and...” she said. “This international focus might prove to be a challenge, though.”

"You’ll be the only Delawarean."

 “True,” Saffron said.

“When do you leave?”

“November 17.”

Lesane sat down his glass and leaned over to his wife. He brushed a strand of her natural hair that had fallen on her forehead. The two stared at each other for quite some time. Then Lesane said, “I’m more proud of you than ever before. This trip means a lot to you and I’m glad to see you go in this bold direction in your career.”

Saffron looked down then again at Lesane. She touched his brown skin and enmeshed her own brown skin into his. She raised from her seat on the leather couch and watched it return to its normal position. Lesane followed. The two held hands as they ventured into the kitchen. They located some salmon cakes and called for their robot chef to make the meal which also included rice and broccoli. They called Preston and Symphony down to the table and invited Pappy Lesane to join them. They called for justice to be said before the meal. Symphony started.

“I would like to thank Daddy for helping me to study so that I know what I am assigned instead of just breezing through the tests,” she said.

Next, Preston spoke. “I’d like to thank Mama for taking us to school and picking us up.”

I’d like to say justice for my wonderful husband who supports me every step of the way,” Saffron said.

Lesane straightened up and said, “The justice that I would like to shine light on is this family unit that we’ve got going on here. I’m the most fortunate man alive.”

Pappy Lesane rounded out the justice speeches by saying, “I love all of you all. Now let’s eat!”

After dinner and homework, the Lesane’s watched a classic film in the state of the art theater equipped with 4D experience effects including mist and rumbling chairs. As Lesane carried symphony up the steps and woke up Preston from his slumber in the theater chair, he had a pang to get back to the work on which he labored. Saffron took the opportunity to gather her belongings for the lecture series. Both parents showed no weariness though they in fact felt the weight of stress from a full day’s amount of toil. But they never failed to be there for their kids. Despite their hectic schedules. When Preston and Symphony finally found rest in their own beds, Lesane tip toed outside of the house into the lab again. He had an idea.

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Life and Production: S1 E10: The Delawarean
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