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Life and Production: S2 E7: A Carol of Virtues

The Lesane's go Christmas shopping.

The Wonders of the Season

Symphony Lesane never believed in Santa Claus. Yes, she knew the story. And yes she viewed all of the myriad movies which showcased the both adored and maligned fictitious fat man. Her take was simple; she knew that if she were a good girl, that she would receive presents under the tree. Trevor and Saffron Lesane had both instilled in their children the knowledge that their presents must be earned. So when their first child, Preston, discovered that some of the other children in his kindergarten class anticipated a globetrotting gift giver to slide down their chimneys, he laughed to himself. The Lesane’s viewed the entire Christmas season as a joyous time to express goodwill towards man and carry on a sense of mirth. At the dual level mall in New Castle County, The family of four left Pappy napping to go holiday shopping. They took in the wonders of the season. Ice skaters glided. Face painters drew snowflakes on faces of children a little younger than Symphony. As they approached the main department store Seline’s. Just as they crossed the area separating the stores from the others, the lights dimmed and went out in total.

The Situation

Screams and shouts sprang up in the darkness. Generators kicked in in just a few seconds after the blackout. Lesane held onto Symphony and Saffron. Preston looked about to try to see anyone running away from the brief hysteria. There was none.

“Environmovement,” Saffron said.

“You can’t even go shopping with your family,” Preston said.

“Mama, what’s environmovement?”

“They are mean, despicable people, baby. They don’t want to be happy and also don’t want anyone else to be either. But we’re not going to let them ruin our holiday fun, are we?”

Symphony shook head “no.” Preston noticed a group of police officers heading towards the parking lot. Lesane resumed his gait and entered Seline’s as if nothing had happened. He and his family made their best effort to regain the Christmas spirit despite recent events. Their journey entailed traversing through the store aiming to derive some sense of normalcy. But the blackouts would hit even this time for the triumph of merriment. With the constant need for one’s guard to be up, the Environmovement terrorists made the way of living that much harder. Their ideology included destroying or attempting to destroy the hallmarks of American business in Delaware. Their goal was to bring into submission all of the life-loving, productive, and enterprise worshipping people. Now, at the mall, stunned shoppers cling closer to their loved ones. Lesane moved as a methodical surgeon handles a scalpel, he positioned his values to walk beside a bit tighter. He ensured also that Symphony remained as near to him and Saffron as was necessary. Preston observed the exit signs just in case the family would have to leave. He scanned the faces just in the name of attempting to analyze potential culprits. Nothing jumped out at him as suspicious. Lesane then took control of the situation.

“Well, with the power now restored, let’s say we go meet Santa, Symphony?”

“Yes, daddy. That sounds like fun.”

A Merry Time of Year

The quartet then walked right through Seline’s to the area where photographers snapped photos. It was all fun. In light of what just occurred, many patrons followed close behind robots which lit their paths. When the family reached the line for the picture with Santa, Lesane withdrew his smartphone, entered his information, and paid for the picture. Symphony waited in the somewhat small line. Preston ordered a pizza from a robot as Lesane and Saffron beamed at their baby girl. Once it was Symphony’s turn, she stepped up to the plump fellow.

“Hello, little girl.”

Symphony shifted on the red velour suit. She said, “Hi.”

“And what would you like for Christmas?”

“I would like for there to be no more blackouts,” she said.

“I can’t promise you that,” he said. “But I can say that if you’re good then good things will come your way,” the man smiled.

Held Sway

The photographer made the camera work and it leaped onto Lesane’s mobile device with speed. Soon, they would leave the mall and head home in the Goulding. At the Lesane Estate, Pappy had gone home and the robots greeted them with a carol of virtues. They were all Christmas songs extolling the morality of the season. The songs explored how in a figure like Santa Claus, children could understand the virtues which would led to them receiving gifts. For children like Symphony who knew that Santa Claus was a fictional character dreamed up with the intention of making that time of the year all the more enjoyable, the songs resonated. Furthermore, the joy expressed in the melodies uplifted Symphony in yet another power attack. This tight unit braved these events knowing that Christmas would not be cancelled no matter the circumstances. Lesane secured the generators. He found that none of them overworked themselves and that they performed the task of giving Lesane’s power to the fullest degree. As the robots finished their songs, the Lesane's prepared for bed. In a few days, Christmas morning would bring happiness. Just as the words of the classic poem which features Old St. Nick, the Lesane's each slumbered in great peace and anticipated the time when presents would appear under the tree. But of course, Lesane and Saffron would be the ones making such gifts appear. And both Preston and Symphony knew this. The fact that virtues lead to values held sway in Symphony’s imagination. She could tell right from wrong. Her attitude remained positive and she walked as just a fine young lady. And because she maintained excellent grades, respected her parents, and minded Pappy, she would be rewarded in less than a week. No matter how many attacks on their way of life, the Lesane's pressed on employing their ethics. Little Symphony would experience yet another stellar Christmas Day. Due to her profound sense of doing what’s right, she looked forward to unwrapping what she deserved.

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Life and Production: S2 E7: A Carol of Virtues
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