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Life and Production: S3 E7: Goulding Automotive

Lesane gets an oil change.


On a brisk Saturday in October, Lesane woke up and remembered that he was due for an oil change on the Goulding. A robot swished its way toward him as he rose from the bed. It declared the message straight from the dealership.

Luxury Automobile

“I know. I know. Thanks,” Lesane said and pushed away the electronic reminder system. He donned a sweater and jeans and kissed Saffron as she continued to sleep. His dreadlocks swaying, he walked out of his bedroom with a tablet in his hand. He entered the codes for the car to start and meet him outside of his garage. Once he entered the vehicle, a playlist of his favorite blues songs played. He leaned back in the leather seat and issued voice commands directing the Goulding to pull into the Motor Mall. Upon arriving at the Goulding lot, Lesane exited the car. He carried along his tablet and headed toward the office of the owner and operator of Goulding Automotive America, Todd Goulding. His father, in the wake of the Great Transition started the company which bore his name. As a result of so many Delawareans experiencing an explosion in wealth which flooded down to every economic sector below the super wealthy, Derek Goulding sought to build an ultra luxury automobile.

Up Close

Just a quick glimpse at excellence. This just shows the nearest view of a fine automobile.


The market responded. Orders from all over the state came from insta-millionaires and a few newly minted billionaires. As the nation’s initial super luxury sedan, Goulding soon saw competition in Sares and other domestic brands. But Goulding’s commitment to excellence in creating five hundred horsepower models equipped with seats that massage and a full service bar allowed them to best all of the other names on the lot. Lesane gauged the time that the oil change would be finished on his tablet. With two minutes remaining, he decided to speak with Todd Goulding. His office was on the showroom floor nestled in between a Goulding R-Set and model like Lesane’s a Z-Set, in burgundy and gold. Goulding welcomed him to his swanky work space.

Front View

A shot of a model that exemplifies greatness. This vehicle stands for achievement, for success.

It growled different.

“Come, Trevor. Please sit down.” He motioned for a robot. “What do you want? Water, tea, coffee?”

“Nothing. Thanks,” Lesane said.

“Okay. So, how are you liking the Z-Set?”

“I love it. It's slickest, meanest machine on four wheels.”

“How long have you had this model?”

“Just under a year.”

“You know that we have next year’s model already being pre-ordered. I could write up the plans if you like.” Lesane looked at his tablet. He glanced back at Goulding. “I’ll do that.” Todd Goulding sent Lesane a digital form to complete on his tablet. After filling in all the data, Lesane sent the sheet to Goulding.

“It’s great doing business with you, Trevor,” Goulding said extending his hand. Lesane shook it and then called up his Z-Set. It growled different. The paint job was immaculate and the seats seemed softer. Lesane commanded for the door to shut and he reclined in the magnificent vehicle headed back to the laboratory.

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Life and Production: S3 E7: Goulding Automotive
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