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Life as a Simulation

Are we living in a simulation? Or is there something beyond our understanding at work here?

Have you ever wondered if there is a greater system at work on a universal scale? Or if we are going to get so advanced that we will create our own little simulation experiments? Me, neither. However, I have wondered about the scale of the universe, our behaviors, who we are as humans, and what we create and leave behind. If we think about it, 20-30 years ago we had games that were simple code, as simple as two rectangular blocks hitting a circle back and forth until one of them missed. In other words, the one and only Pong. But today, we have such advanced games that can outperform movies, books, or other games, games like Grand Theft Auto, where you play in a massive world filled with humans, cars, buildings, and things to do. YOU are in control of the antagonist, and everything else is built for YOUR entertainment. When you are on street A, street B or C don't necessarily exist, and if it does, it is much simpler than street A. Street A may have more NPCs (Non Playable Characters) that move around and talk, or it can have more cars or mini-events taking place. These will not happen on street B unless you are presently there. But what if we created a world that didn't do that, where everyone went on to live their lives regardless of what the antagonist (or you) did? And when we are not playing the game, the main characters do their own thing, live their own little lives, believe in their own ideas, morals, and set of beliefs. Would that still be a video game? Or would it be more of a simulation?

Imagine this. What if God was a really good coder, and he built this whole universe, a system of organized code that makes a star shine with a certain brightness, a planet rotates on a certain axis, and all small and big systems that make the universe complete. Then, he designed beings that could live on some of the worlds, and sat back and watched his creation, curious to see what would come of those beings. If needed, here and there he would "patch" or "update" his creation so that it would work properly, just like a developer would to their new game or new software. Now this is all theory. I'm just putting my thoughts into words. But wouldn't that change a lot about how we could view the universe, but also view ourselves?

Besides all the speculation, what I personally take away from the scale of the universe and its mysteries is that the world is just too big to worry about small things. So why should I let something small bother me and my happiness when it won’t even affect a city, never-mind a country, planet, or the whole universe? At the end of the day, it shouldn’t matter where we came from, how we were made, or whether this world is a creation or an accident. What matters is right now—yes, right very now. Not tomorrow, not next year, not yesterday, but this very moment we are in. 

Unfortunately, we as humans are so caught up in building our future that we forget about the present. We want to enjoy life 10 years from now so much that we forget to enjoy life today. We forget that at the end of the day, we are all from the same places going through life, and the most important thing is having and knowing each other. That is what should give us comfort. We should travel around this small planet we take for granted, look at wonders of the world and enjoy our lives that way, and not have to go through years and years of school just to put ourselves in a repetitive pattern of work, eat, sleep, and repeat. No one should cast one another out because of differences or because “they’re weird” (maybe their code is different…), but who cares!! Anyway, ponder on that thought. Simulation or not, this is a mysterious world. So did this change your view on how you’re going to start your day tomorrow?

Probably not. 

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Life as a Simulation
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