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Lockheed: “We’re Redefining Security. Foreign, Domestic and Extra Terrestrial.”

Subliminal dissemination is what the article really says.

Lockheed Advertisement

We just heard from the Department of Defense regarding their national space policy. In it, they made no mention of defending the US against extra terrestrial threats. That certainly isn't a surprise. What is a surprise though is that Lockheed immediately comes out with an advertisement claiming, "We're Redefining Security. Foreign, Domestic and Extra Terrestrial." 

When you look through the article though, it makes no reference to extra terrestrials. To most people, they probably don't even pay attention to the reference to extra terrestrials in the headline. What is happening though, is a perfect example of subliminal dissemination.

Just stop to think about it for a moment. Lockheed produces the most modern fighter jets, the F-22 and the F-35. Yet no one ever even contemplates the possible reality that our best fighter aircraft are no match for CTVs and Volutes (UFOs). If anyone should be aware of this it would be Lockheed. So why would Lockheed make a reference to redefining security against an extra terrestrial threat? Just a coincidence?

In addition, the whole premise of Lockheed's product line is basically to provide defense solutions for the U.S. and its allied forces supporting nations. So the concept of defending Earth against an extra terrestrial threat isn't even part of their mission statement. Nor is it part of the U.S. mission statement, who they are contracting for.

What is happening though is the average person sees the advertisement and the concept of extra terrestrial is being continually introduced into their mind along with all the other advertisements from other companies that are placing comments relating to extra terrestrials in them. Yet nothing of any substance is actually taking place in the conversations taking place in the public sector.

This is a perfect opportunity using EARTH methodology to enable yourself to see the possibility of how Hetlau, following the ETA running a Hextocracy and Hextary, are preparing the EA for partial disclosure. Whereas most events are misdirection, this one is a case of subliminal dissemination. Basically, the possibility exists where all events can be reduced to either misdirection or subliminal dissemination.

This is also a perfect example to see the Rule of 1 in action. Imagine if you were to read this advertisement and mention to someone the coincidence of how the term extra terrestrial appears in it. In addition, you think it is subliminal dissemination and they think you are crazy or its bullshit. Rather than wasting your time getting into the technical understanding of air supremacy and how the F-22 and F-35 can't defeat CTVs and Volutes (UFOs), you can simply say that it would certainly validate the Rule of 1.

What you're really telling the person is that what they are saying is that 100 percent of the time (Rule of 100), no advertisement since the origin of existence, no advertisement now, and no advertisement in the future will ever reference extra terrestrials and have it be subliminal dissemination.

Once you are able to see yourself in the past taking the position the person you are trying to discuss it with is and you are able to see the possibility of where they are wrong, you have essentially elevated your mind to the level of ETI. You can also easily see how easy it is for the possibility of the ESH to manipulate society while preparing it for disclosure.

It takes a little bit of analysis, but if you keep watching events each day with EARTH methodology from the position of the possibility of Hetlau following the ETA running a Hextocracy and Hextary, you can see they are preparing the EA for partial disclosure. Even though you don't have factitious evidence or corroboration you see the repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence. Also, you have a much easier method to engage and disengage in conversations with the Rule of 1.

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Richard Van Steenberg
Richard Van Steenberg

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Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU)

Trying to raise the societal awareness level that Hetlau have been present the whole time man has been on Earth in my Two Way Mirror Theory.

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Lockheed: “We’re Redefining Security. Foreign, Domestic and Extra Terrestrial.”
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