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Lone Wolf: The Hunt

After his last mission, Lone Wolf is stranded. He now fights to survive as he waits. Will he survive?

A convoy of troop transports arrived at the edge of the forest just a few miles outside Atlas City. Dozens of armed troops poured out from the back with officers barking orders. Those already out began entering the forest in groups, each one lead by an officer. A total of five groups of eight men per group entered the forest. As they slowly trudged through, looking at their surroundings carefully, one officer removed a small portable screen and activated it.

On the screen revealed a map, showing a small red line going from Atlas City to the forest. "Alright, he came here, men. Keep your eyes peeled. If you see him, kill him. Don't let him get the first shot," he said as he deactivated the screen.

They continued for what felt like hours searching, unaware that they were being watched. Through the scope under thick bushes, Lone Wolf kept the men in sight as he carefully aimed for the leading officer. When the officer turned to motion his men to advance, Lone Wolf squeezed the trigger and the officer fell. Upon watching him fall, the men quickly raised their guns and opened fire at everything ahead of them.

Lone Wolf fired and dropped two men at once, one behind the other. Panicking, the men scattered and took cover before continuing to fire. Other groups began to arrive and join them in firing, only to stop when the officers commanded them to stop. One of the scolding officers ended up dropping, yelling as he received a bullet in the back, causing the men to continue firing again. Desperate to end this quickly, one of the men took out a grenade, frantically pulled the pin, and went to throw it before he was shot in the head.

The others quickly moved from him before the grenade detonated, killing an unlucky few, including officers, who didn't move away fast enough. One officer, upon seeing the chaos that quickly escalated around him, placed on a pair of goggles as silence began to fill the air and he activated them. Through the lens, faint traces of bullet trails were detected in the air, all originating from a group of thick bushes. He pointed at the bushes, the men taking the hint and began firing.

The firing ceased as he signaled the men before he motioned them to follow him. When they came to the bushes, they saw that no one was there. Amidst the confusion, two men screamed as they fell, causing the rest to turn about in different directions, several firing shots once again. The officer, after giving the order to cease fire, looked at the corpses before turning away. He threatened to execute the next man that fires without being ordered to do so. He looked around, hoping to spot Lone Wolf before he can get in another shot, but instead he spotted two additional bullet trails coming from another direction. The officer followed the trails with his eyes, finding their origins... and spotting Lone Wolf aiming directly at him. Just as he was about to give an order, the muzzle on Lone Wolf's rifle flashed and he felt a brief, sharp, piercing burn in the chest before everything went dark.

The remaining men fired as they began running back to the trucks in full panic, five of them dropping one by one as shots echoed throughout the forest. They clambered into the trucks, one or two getting into the driver seats to crank, and the trucks with the remaining men sped off. Lone Wolf rose from behind some nearby trees prior to ambushing them, grabbed some equipment from the corpses, and walked away just as snow began to fall.