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Lone Wolf: War Dog

Lone Wolf has been assigned another mission, this time it's in a city. Can he accomplish this one?

Lone Wolf scanned the open field through his scope, keeping a close eye for enemy activity, before he heard sounds of a roaring engine. He carefully looked up only to see a dark hovercraft fly over him and slowly descend onto the field. He stood up and moved cautiously into the field, tall grass waving around him. The door on the side opened and a robotic soldier stood in the doorway, motioning for him to hurry. He climbed aboard the hovercraft and the door closed behind him.

Lone Wolf sat in one of the empty seats when his communicating device started beeping. He removed it from his pocket and pressed on the screen. The screen flared up and a distorted voice recording started playing. "Lone Wolf, you have another mission assignment. You are being dropped over in Atlas City. Your target is renegade agent War Dog. He had defected from the country and the agency about a few years ago and went into hiding. He is held responsible for the attacks in London, Paris, and the assassination in Egypt. He is currently in Atlas City, meeting with some unknown foreign officials. We believe he is selling weapons that could threaten the entire operation and end the war."

Lone Wolf scrolled down to the next message and pressed play. The screen flared and a small hologram figure appeared above the device, showing a middle-aged man with a deepened scar across his lips, short buzz cut hair, and a grimaced expression. "Your objective," the recording continued, "is to search and eliminate Riviere. He's been last seen in the Cyberax Tower. Your rifle will not be enough for this mission. You will have to enter the building and search for him. Be advised: the tower is heavily guarded. You will be dropped nearby with equipment to assist you in your mission. Best of luck to you, Lone Wolf."

Lone Wolf put away the device after deactivating it before he stood up to remove his camouflage outfit. The robotic soldier provided a dark skin suit and Lone Wolf began slipping into it.

The lights switched off so sudden and the alarm blared. Lone Wolf grabbed a small backpack and strapped it on as he began moving towards the door. The robot brought out a long case and set it down before opening the door. It pressed the button on the case before giving it a shove out the door with its foot.

Strapping his rifle to the right of his back, Lone Wolf stepped towards the door. A timer appeared on the robot's facial screen and began counting down. Just as the timer reaches zero, a green light appeared and a loud buzzer sounded. Lone Wolf then leaped from the aircraft.

The wind whipped around him as he descended towards the city. He pressed on his wrist and he could see a faint red light blinking revealing the location of the case. The light disappeared behind a parachute that shot out from one end of the case. He pressed a button across his chest and a parachute shot from his backpack and slowed his descent with a sudden jerk. He tugged at the cords, keeping himself above a certain building closest to the Cyberax Tower he was descending towards.

When he landed on the rooftop, he removed his backpack and went towards the case. Upon opening it, inside the case was an assault rifle with ten clips, five clips for his handgun, a grapple gun, and a small scanner. He equipped himself with the scanner before he unhooked his rifle. He then looked through the scope, searching for guards on the tower. Five were spotted on the rooftop, armed with sub-machine guns. He zoomed in on one guard closest to the edge of the building on the opposite side. Like before, Lone Wolf took a deep breath as he rested his finger on the trigger. Just as the guard turned his head, Lone Wolf pulled the trigger. The back of the guard's head exploded as the bullet hit its target, the guard falling forward and over the edge, disappearing from sight.

He quickly aimed and fired at the other guards before they even noticed, pulling the bolt back and sliding it forth in between shots. The last shot hit the remaining guard, who ran towards the door to sound the alarm, stopping him just mere inches from the door. Lone Wolf then put his rifle on his back before he picked up the grapple gun.

With careful aiming, he fired the grappling hook across the open space, hitting part of a wall and clamped tight. He then wrapped the gun and cable around the rail before him. He grabbed the assault rifle and magazines for both, it and his handgun, and went for the rail, taking out a zip liner.

After zipping across the open space, Lone Wolf removed his rifle, set it against the wall next to the door, and entered. He moved through the hallways, aiming at everything in front of him before one guard came out of one room. Two shots were fired and the guard fell. The shots alarmed the other guards, for they came rushing out, yelling as they drew their weapons. As they came around the corner, they dropped immediately as more shots rang out. Lone Wolf stepped over their corpses, as he moved down the hallways, killing each guard that appears along the way.

After reloading, Lone Wolf checked the screen on his arm, scanning for the designated target. The target was in the room ahead of him. Just as he drew closer to the room, the wall to his right exploded into rubble, followed by a large armored machine that struck Lone Wolf with its arm, sending him sliding away from the room. When he stopped sliding, he sat up to see the machine crush the assault rifle he dropped with a single stomp before it began moving towards him. He took out his handgun and, at first, fired three shots at the advancing machine's faceplate, bullets bouncing off it. He then aimed for the hydraulics exposed on one of its stomping legs and fired.

Upon its hydraulics being hit, the machine dropped to one knee. Without hesitating, Lone Wolf quickly jumped back onto his feet and ran toward the machine before it could do anything. He grabbed the face plate and pulled it off, revealing a man's face inside. He fired three shots into the man's face before leaping off and advancing towards the room, reloading along the way. Just as he kicked the door opened, he spotted a few flickering figures disappearing around a table. He immediately jumped to the nearest spot that provided cover when shots rang out.

War Dog kicked the table onto its side before he continued to unleash a hail of bullets at Lone Wolf with his sub-machine gun. When he began to reload, he ducked down as Lone Wolf returned fire. "Let's see how you handle the dark, boy." War Dog said in a gruff voice before pressing a button on the screen, shutting the lights off. He heard running footsteps, knowing that Lone Wolf had moved from cover. He then raised up, putting on a pair of lenses, activating heat sensors, and looked about for Lone Wolf. Carefully aiming, he moved slowly into another room. Suddenly, War Dog felt a hard kick to the side of his gut, followed by another to his arm, causing him to drop the gun.

Before he could do anything, War Dog saw a hand appear with a knife before feeling the knife being plunged into his chest. As he fell to his knees, he looked up, his last sight being of Lone Wolf walking around in front of him, pointing the handgun to his forehead, and pulling the trigger. Lone Wolf then walked towards the windows and pressed the small screen on his arm. After he reported in his mission success, he received a message from headquarters and so he answered it. "Lone Wolf, be advised, transportation has been shot down on route to your extraction and hostiles have been spotted entering the city, zeroing in on the tower, ETA 25 minutes. Evade and survive by any means necessary until we can send in another transport."

Deactivating the screen, Lone Wolf took a look through the window before he retrieved his knife, left for the rooftop to grab his sniper rifle, then left the building, disappearing into the night as sirens were on the approach...

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Lone Wolf: War Dog
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