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Looking Forward to 'Star Wars: The Rule of Two' Trilogy

The Star Wars Trilogy We Deserved, but Not the One We Got

Recently, while out to dinner with a friend of my wife's—and in turn a friend of my own I suppose—I had the sheer pleasure of discussing the train wreck that was Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi. Between rants about incompetent leaders, ridiculously rogue plans, misleading epic fight scenes that culminated in disappointment and very serious questions about nuclear fusion engines and momentum in a frictionless environment, we came to one perfect conclusion: we can not wait for Star Wars IX: The One That Got Away, to release. With only one good reason why: so that Star Wars fans could get the trilogy of movies they deserve.

If the future Star Wars movies will indeed follow similar patterns to previous Star Wars movies, we can only hope that after Star Wars IX we'll have a series of movies announced, something to the effect of Star Wars -IX, -VIII and -VII. I don't think the Romans had negative numerals, but it should work about the same I would think. If we did get some hot flicks from the "old" Old Republic days, it's been agreed upon (by two expert movie goers) that Darth Bane should be the next trilogy to hit the big screen. 

Drew Karpyshyn's epic trilogy that follows the installation and rise of the Sith "Rule of Two" as described by Yoda as, "Always two there are, no more, no less," provides film makers the perfect opportunity to convert an already successful and well-written Star Wars novel series into a fresh new Star Wars cinematic property. Karpyshyn's first book in the series, Darth Bane: Path of Destruction, climbed its way up to the 11th space on the New York Times Best Seller list Oct. 15, 2006, and carries a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. 

Following the brutal murder of the most compelling character in the new trilogy, Snoke, by truly the greatest evil the Star Wars universe has ever known, Rian Johnson, the universe truly only needs one hero: a great villain. Darth Bane, Dark Lord of the Sith, is the only man big enough to fill those shoes.

Darth Bane Mock Trailer

As the fan trailer above (rather well made I should add) notes, in Darth Bane's time the Sith were numerous. They were, in fact, as numerous as were the Jedi of the time. The power of the Dark Side of the Force was spread across thousands upon thousands of Sith, and as a result, the Sith were weak.  Bane, seeing the corruption that the Sith numbers wrought upon the Dark Side, set out to cleanse the Sith down to two members, himself, the holder of power, and his apprentice, who would crave after his power until she could slay him.

When we talk about ultimate villains, we can't ignore their most important traits, such as near invulnerability, extreme foresight, mastery of weaponry to rival that of even a wizard with the blade (if you didn't catch that Princess Bride reference, I don't know that I can help you) and extreme endurance (outside of near invulnerability). With skills and equipment that many might glance at and say "Well he rivals even Darth Vader," this old-new villain for the Star Wars Universe is just what it needs for a bit of bad guy revitalization.

This story, these three stories that could very easily be converted into a cinematic masterpiece, serve to establish the Sith as the group of two villains who would soon rule the galaxy. Well, soon is a relatively loose term, but when you look at thousands of years of skill and knowledge distilled into a single entity that would take control of an intergalactic space empire, everything is soon.

Really, what's it going to take for Disney to bring this Dark Lord into the light? Heh, look at that, a pun.

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Looking Forward to 'Star Wars: The Rule of Two' Trilogy
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