Looking Glass Part 1: The Night They Became Orphans

There are two sides of what happened that night; one I'm about to tell you, another is secretly safe with me until I'm ready to let it out on paper.

Story and created by Lizzy Arrow

The randomness of snowflakes enraptured a casual observer who was watching a young mother struggling with three young infants. They seemed to be giving her the runaround, but luckily someone who the young lady knew carefully ran over to give her a hand. As he watched the dramatic scene that had been laid out before him, he said, “Do you know who they are?” Thinking out loud but he's actually talking to you readers; “No you say?… haven't you heard the tales and the rumours of the three young triplets?” He paused for a moment as the young lady had two of the triplets; the much older lady had managed to calm the other child down, and ended up carrying him as he was distracted by the scarf that she was wearing.

He waited for a second before he followed; then he followed them down the road. The two women were talking about something. Something about tests and waiting for the results to come through the post. The observer stopped in his tracks; he turned to his readers again, “You see…things have already started to take shape with these three children; tests and waiting for results to come through, it can only mean one thing.” He grinned shamelessly as he knew something wasn't going right that night; he couldn't do much about it, to be honest, he was just there as a protector of the triplets but no one knew it except him. He couldn't even intercept what was going to happen; if he did he would portray his culture, his promise, and more importantly his word to one man.

The varied nature of airplanes is a wondrous thing that bewilders the casual observer. As he watched through the living room window of the Borthwright’s house, he knew something was going to happen that very same day. That very same night that was coming in, drawing to the close on the 3rd April 1996, just the day before their 3rd birthday.

That night the sinister happened as we all expected; the landscape of spears is a wondrous thing that entices the mind, the chaos of trees is a magical expression that badgers the casual observer. The pattern of fairy wings is a song that attacks the soul; knowing what has just arrived, they tried to put up a very good fight until they were stopped in mid air by an evil curse. The observer couldn't do anything to free them.

The mixture of buttons is a wondrous thing that excites the senses. The observer could feel the unseen followers preying on the house. That’s when he knew that he had to change into the wolf, before anyone knew that he was there. A dark entity appeared next to him at his side without him realising; the glass broke in the window of the front door, the observer wolf quickly jumped through the broken window before the dark thing put his arm through the window to unlock the door. As he watched, he cocked his head in reaction to what he saw. That's not normal, is it? The observer cocked his head with realisation that the buzzer for an intruder alert had not gone off. The panic kicked in his wolf body; he really didn't know what to do. He heard Mary scream as she saw Eric laying on the bedroom of the three triplet's room. The observer realised where everyone was; he ran up the stairs to the room. As he skidded into the bedroom door, Mary had clocked the wolf, knowing who it was. Their eyes connected with each other; they both knew that they would see each other in the next life, she spoke the language that he knew and he understood what she meant...

Lizzy Arrow
Lizzy Arrow

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Looking Glass Part 1: The Night They Became Orphans