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Looking Glass Part 4: The Day They Got Separated

It was time for the three to be separated with their new protectors, which the Native American and Fred had put in place officially. Stacie and James also each had an observer. However, they don't know that, and hopefully never will.

Story and Picture Created by Lizzy Arrow

It was a full moon on the night before the three got separated for good. The Native American Chief’s wife asked “tell me it's not true Dakota…say it's just a story that everybody is talking about”, as they both sat round the campfire waiting for some news from one of the observers or Fred. They both stared into the fire; they could see the three triplets playing in the orphanage in the department, knowing that the three of them would soon forget each other.

The Native American spoke out to his tribe whilst still looking into the fire. “So did you hear the story about the Borthwright Triplets? Like three new pins; just from one womb born the exact same day, how they survived that day, yet did you even know that they would be separated? Yet they will be sharing one name until the day they meet each other again. My wife cried out that night when she found out that she had just lost her best friend.”

There was a pause. The chief looked around in the midst of his Native Tribe. The trees had started to be picked up by the winds, and something in the wind had caught his eye. Something didn't really feel right. He couldn't make it out what it was; something really didn't sit right with him, everyone knew that something wasn't right as they too sensed it. He pressed on. “Did you hear about the mother who wasn't so cruel; but yet there's a stone in her heart that was placed by no other than the murder himself? Then come judge for yourselves how she came to play this part of saving her children.”

There were was a long pause until they all crinkled their noses, wondering what could make the camp smell like this. Something brushed up against one of the Native American’s feet making him jump. When he realised that it was a wolf laying low but hurt badly, he watched as the wolf changed back into a human being. The wolf was Tom, to the Native American's horror that someone that they knew was so badly beaten and had come all this way for help. The Native American Chief and his wife quickly stood up, ordered a group of them to bring him inside and get the healer of the tribe who should be sleeping.

In the midst of the Native American campsite, with everyone running around getting things, doing everything that was possible to save their friend, a man in a small town/village was quite miffed because he had to be somewhere at 7. The time was 6:55pm, as he got in through the door his daughters had come running towards him to give him a hug. Whilst he was trying to put his stuff down and head back out of the door, his wife knew he was angry that the train was late today. The rules had become a bit tight since the murder of their two friends; she knew her husband wanted to hurt the prime minister one way or another, along with Fred who was trying to get the disappearance act lifted for those who needed it the most…

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Looking Glass Part 4: The Day They Got Separated
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