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Memories and "State"

Atomically speaking.....

One of my personal reasons for staying awake most nights is down to the fundamental question of "Do Atoms have memory function?" We know they have a 'state', but how far does that 'state' or memory capacity go?" 

Many stories relating to organ donor recipients have circulated over the decades, with clear testimonials from such recipients stating how since receiving the donated organ they have 'changed' in both subtle and fundamental ways. We know cells have the capacity to retain memory, and in most of these testimonies the recipients have claimed their lives have changed in an inexplicable way. Just one example is that of a vegetarian gentleman who upon recovery from his surgery suddenly had an insatiable desire for bacon! Just the smell would make him salivate whereas prior to surgery the smell would repulse him. Another, slightly more radical example, is that of a fairly conservative lady who suddenly loved all things hippy! And it transpired that the Donor to this particular lady had died in a motorcycle accident and was heavily into Pink Floyd and all things "rock." 

Sat deep inside the nucleus of a cell is the Atom. I like to think of this as "the brain" of the establishment and therefore to a degree I feel must have a fairly intrinsic and complicated mental capacity. If this theory is correct, (how one would prove this is quite another matter),could this theoretically explain the theory of reincarnation? Again, we often hear of testimonies relating to past live experiences and some "distant" memories have been researched following past life regression under hypnosis. Some may I add are quite impressive! The most infamous of these being the Bridie Murphy case.

Could it not be a collection of atomic memory? Individually speaking it is unlikely that each single Atom has the capacity to recall each and every incarnation, but maybe as a collective? Atoms are indestructible and upon Death of the physical form, they recycle into another form! How awesome it that? The Atom in the tip of your nose could have once been nestled between Abraham Lincoln's toes! So with that thought in mind, could there be such a thing as atomic collective memory? That would explain why the vast majority of us have no recollection of previous or past life memory but a few of the global population have undisputed recollection that can be checked against fact. This could also give credence to how we seem to connect with complete strangers where there is no logic to explain this, ie, people we wouldn't ordinarily mix with but somehow we instinctively 'trust it' or them.

Just some food for thought! What are your thoughts? 

Over and out from a tireless insomniac ✌

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Memories and "State"
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