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Mohammad's Shooting

The prophet faces a rifle expert.

Aim true.

Halia Cooperson, CEO of ThinkClick Firearms of Wilmington, Delaware, could smell the carbon and CLP (cleaner, lubricant, and preservative) emanating from the smart firearms being shot, being serviced, and receiving upgrades. She wore protective eyewear on the range and earplugs that both bore the color pink. She chose a smart handgun equipped with a video camera that could pinpoint the best places to shoot. Though it remained a product of her own creation, she opted to use just the weapon itself sans the advanced technological capabilities. She aimed at the target about 60 yards away. She hit black: Two to the chest and one to the head... the “holey” trinity. She retrieved the piece of paper and reviewed the accuracy and precision of her shooting ability.

“You’ve still got it,” COO Lula Janus said.

“Thanks,” Halia said. She appraised Lula’s own work and remarked, “You’ve been keeping up with your shooting as well, I see.” Lula’s paper was full of holes and the paper was almost nonexistent. But Lula shot all of it in the black, in the chest region. She accomplished this feat with a submachine gun.

“I’ve lived up to the company name. I shot until the firearm clicked.”

“That’s just the way that I like it,” Halia said. She then exited the range and placed her firearm in the armory. Upon moving towards her office, a digital message popped up on a large screen.

“Miss Cooperson,” the message read. “Open to see live video.”

Halia tapped on the screen.

An image of Mohammad flashed across the board.

An United States Air Force Colonel Garner Fane, donned in his service dress uniform positioned beside the image said, “We’re not even supposed to be showing this depiction. It is strictly between you and the Military Intelligence Organization (MIO).”


“His image is sacred amongst the Islam—”

“I don’t care about that. I want to know why you were hesitant to show a depiction of some figure who is responsible for some of the worst tyrannies and atrocities that have happened in the world.”

“It’s because, even though he’s an evil bastard, some people regard his visage as holy.”

“I can agree with the first part. What do you wish that I would do?”

“We’re going to ship him over to your place of business and afford you the opportunity of shooting and killing a live target. How’s that sound, ma'am?”

Halia smirked. “I’m up to the challenge.”

Mohammad arrived in a plastic box with tiny air holes so that he remained short of breath once he reached ThinkClick Firearms. Once the employees removed the lid, they stood him upright. The chains from his hands tied behind his back and shackles on his feet clanged. They had prepared the spot for the execution. The workers modified the bullet trap to make it easier to wipe up the aftermath that would be present upon the demise of Mohammad.

The ThinkClick staff positioned the prophet up against the rest of the floating papers in the range. They tied him to a makeshift post and secured his entire body so that he had no chance of escape. Plus, they locked the room so that there remained no chance for Mohammad to escape.

Halia prepared her rifle by inserting one round. Mohammed stayed tied to the post at two hundred yards away from Halia’s muzzle. She aimed at the prophet’s head. She took a snapshot of Mohammad before letting off that single shot. She fired. The sound reverberated around the range. Like a dying mushroom, Mohammad dropped his head and died. Halia sent the image to all of her employees and news agencies as well. The workers then took him from the post and strung up Mohammad on a beam. Halia cleaned off her weapon with the CLP. Mohammad floated through the air towards Halia ominously. Halia felt unfazed. She took out her earplugs and lifted her safety glasses. She snapped another photo of the prophet with a single hole between his eyes. Halia felt a sense of accomplishment and ordered for Mohammad’s corpse to be removed from her company’s headquarters. A smile found its way onto her face.

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Mohammad's Shooting
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