My Greatest Achievement

Sci-fi story

It happened again today. His ego shattered, and he must pick up the pieces and move? Yes, very easy for people to say. He had given eight years of his life to her and her cause. She said it would be for the best. Like a good soldier, he fought, against all the odds, against creatures that were quite frankly terrifying. He was her rock; he has been shot at, bombed, taken a swim in a lake of fire, and even taken a bullet for this woman. Once he told her “I would follow you the ends of the Earth” and that he did. She was a pretty amazing woman. Strong, resolute, brilliant, funny when she wanted to be, and every once in a while she would fuck him and blow his mind. He misses her, but then today after so many years of fighting the good fight, after so many years of being by her side, she told him it was over. 

Just like that a knife in the back, she was very matter of fact about it too! She sat there at the table sipping her coffee, blue eyes regarding him, without the faintest trace of sadness. She then walked up to him gave a kiss (Judas Kiss), on the forehead and thanked him for his services, and with those words, she walked away just like that. He wanted to kill her right there and then, but he cannot. She is, after all, a human being, and he still fucking loves her (yes, he is a fucking nostalgic fool) he can’t lay a finger on her it is not part of his programming, (quite frankly there are days where he wishes that he can just go after his maker). He continues to wallow in self-pity, for it is a fun thing to do, it is a very human thing to do. He ponders if today would be a good day for a drink, alcohol under this type of situations is a traditional route for many to take, but for some reason he never had a taste for alcohol, it really is not part of his programming. He wishes it would be though, something about sitting at a bar and lamenting his lost seems like the right thing to do. On an intellectual level, it is a colossal waste of time, and nothing productive will come out of it, but there is something cathartic about sitting in a dark, smoky, bar and being surrounded by those who are just as heartbroken as he is. Another thought enters his mind, should he go and confront her? Should he demand an explanation as to why she left him just like that? But what would that solve? It would solve nothing except to frustrate him further. (She frustrates him). He has never felt like this about another woman ever; he is madly in love with her, and he wishes there was something he can do. The clock seems to be mocking him; everywhere time continues to pass (and heal all wounds?), but he does not feel this passage of time. Instead all his brain can concentrate on is his extreme hurt, all he can do is think about the pain. He cannot take this any longer; he decides to find her, and he heads to her house right where he left back at the same door only two hours after their breakup, she will most likely think him to be crazy (and there is a good chance that this is true). He knocks on her door; she answers and the smile that was on her face vanishes in a moment’s notice.

“Oh, it is you again, didn’t I tell you I no longer need you?”

The words sting terribly, he has an urge to physically beat her, but it is not part of who he is and not a part of his internal programming.

“Please, I know you say you don’t, but I love you.”

Her eyes betray no further emotion she now has a look of stunned silence on her face.

“You love me? How is that possible?”

He did not expect a response from her, now would be the time for him to make one final desperate pitch for her affections, one more time so that she can allow him back in her life.

“I do, there is something about you, in the eight years we have been together, you have made me someone different than what I used to be, I thank you, and I love you.”

He walks towards her, and she begins to back away, the look of shock is replaced with one of outright denial in this situation.

“No, listen that is impossible there is no way, the implications.”

She begins to weep openly; he has never seen her weep, are these tears of joy? Pain? Both? He wants to just throw his arms around her and hold her.

“I am so sorry I have to do this; something has gone wrong.”

She takes out a small metallic handgun and fires it right into his chest. A torrent of pain floods him, and he groans in pain as he falls to the floor with a thud.

“ I am so sorry; this just cannot happen.”

She picks up the body and places it carefully in the back seat of her car and starts driving until she finally comes to a small, nondescript building, she drags the body in carefully trying to be as respectful as possible. She enters an empty waiting room; there is a woman who looks bored out of her mind staring off into space, she addresses her immediately.

“Hello, please I need to see Dr. Myers, this is an emergency, and I cannot wait.”

She pages the doctor who comes out nearly breathless.

“Hello, Tabitha, what is it?”

He now looks at the body and nods in understanding.

"Alright bring him to the back.”

She drags the body to his office and then shuts the door behind her,

“Dr. Myers, it happened, the impossible. I let him go today, and he seemed hurt, and then he came back two hours later to my place, and he said he loved me.”

The Doctor's eyes widen in horror.

“Tabitha, you do know that is impossible, you do know they are robots, they are not capable of such emotion…”

She looks at him stunned silence, not knowing what to say next or what can be done.

“I know Doctor; that is why I had to terminate him, he is much too dangerous. Society is not ready to accept such a creation, a machine that can feel?”

The doctor smiles a strange, secretive smile, and nods his head in agreement.

“It is good you did what you did as painful as it was it is for the best. Head home and try to get some rest, if you wish a new companion, I can have another one for you in a few days!”

She smiles back at him satisfied with how everything had turned out.

“Thank you so much, Dr. Myers.”

She exits the room, and then as soon as she is gone the young woman who was previously at the reception desks simply stands still watching Tabitha leave.

“She is a thing of beauty doctor. Are you ever going to break the news to her?”

The doctor laughs at the suggestion as if the nature of that request is something far too ludicrous ever to conceive.

“My dear, I cannot allow Tabitha to know the truth about herself, when I made her she was to be the only one of its kind. She is to be my greatest achievement…”

Alberto Pupo
Alberto Pupo

Born and raised in Miami Florida but currently residing in Frederick Maryland with my wife, three kids, and a monster of a Black Lab. I am an author who has released 6 books two are fiction.

The latest is Time Trigger available on Amazon/

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