My Travels by Kuri

To Help Humanity, Before It's Too Late


It was a day like any other here in the scientist's room at CERN in Geneva.

Only this day something was to come through the portal, a traveler with one mission programmed into her.  To save humanity, the gate was opened and the experiment began.  They were looking for gluon's which they say might be lurking inside protons.  The streams of light and atoms raced around the miles of rings waiting to crash into each other to release new particles.  Suddenly one of the scientists seemed a little uneasy, this was due to an imbalance in the power chambers.  At one point there was a huge shift in the Alice chamber.  Finally, the explosion happened, only something more happened.  A red burst of intense light emanated from within the rings and then the huge CERN device vibrated.

The scientists looked shocked at what they were witnessing, a small creature or robot to be exact came from the light.  It was black and white and had eyes and seemed to hover in mid-air, gazing at the lifeforms that it was sent hear to inform and teach. It was making a strange noise.  The scientists had never heard of anything like it, then the computers that were in the room were starting to show shapes and a text of some sorts. The robot was accessing the computers to construct a language and make itself ready for communication.  After a few minutes the robot spoke, it had learned the language of the humans.  It spoke and said, "I am Kuri, I am here to help you."

Then Kuri laid it on to the scientists, explaining that within three of our months we would have destroyed our planet's resources and the balance would be shifted to a point of no return.  The scientists listened and deep in their minds they knew what was said was probably the truth.  Kuri said that she was going to access the world's communication systems, so a message could be sent to all people on the planet.  One of the scientists asked her where she came from, Kuri said that she had come from another dimension.  She and her kind had been watching and listening to the damage that we have been doing to our world and once CERN was operating, it allowed vibrations to enter her realm.  She said that what would happen in our world would have an effect in her realm, not only a destructive one.  Suddenly the phone rang, it was a red phone which came from the White House.  It was the president, he had been instructed to find out what was going on over here and what the huge energy blast was. A scientist explained what happened, the voice on the other end went quiet and crackled at one point.  Almost like as if they knew this day would come one day.  Kuri moved and went through the wall and was outside about 50 feet in the air, she said that she was about to transmit a message to every life form on the planet.  Humans, animals, and other creatures would hear and understand the message.  The message began, it was a mixture of images and sounds.

The scientists were in awe of how this could be done.  The message lasted 35 minutes and showed the destruction of all the trees and plant life, all the sea and waters of the world would become poisonous to drink for humans and wildlife.  People would change beyond recognition, due to diseases and obscene surgeries.  The hatred in man's hearts would need to disappear.  This had to change.  A balance was required again, like the days of old.  Harmony was needed in life and the way of living had to change.

This was all man's fault, due to his war and power ways.  Greed had set into people's hearts and the lack of caring for the rest of life lived on our planet.

There were screams and crying coming from all corners of the globe as everyone heard and saw the message.  Some were glad that finally, something was going to be done about it, others were shocked that life here could and would end so very soon.  Reporters were sending back amazing live images of animals all around the world in rows and absorbed in the message that was being relayed to them.  The birds of the air were on the ground everywhere; all lifeforms just were frozen in the moments of the message.  Taking it all in, during this time all human activity came to a standstill.  While this was going on, Kuri traveled around the world to observe and see what harm had been done to the planet.  She ventured deep into the oceans, deep in the great caves of the Earth.  Nowhere was out of her reach, then she traveled back before the message finished.  Suddenly, all life rose and began moving after the message had finished.  Life seemed different, there was a feeling of sadness and somber in all creatures and humans.  The scientists asked Kuri if she could put things right, She said she could help but it had to be ourselves that made the change. "I will begin now," she replied.  She told the scientists that she had in her power the ability to purify the oceans and the atmosphere.  But she told the people that she would be required to remove all weapons and harmful technology that man had created. The world went silent as governments around the world at first began to panic about having no defenses, then the message burned into their minds and it all became trivial to think of weapons.  The world agreed and asked Kuri to help, then the people would do their bit.  Kuri then flew high into the sky and hovered at a midpoint; she then split into six more versions of herself.  They all began to glow a yellow haze from them and streams of light beamed into the oceans all around the world, the waters began to bubble and waves crashed.  The weather satellites that were high in orbit were beaming back images showing the color of the oceans change.  All coral had returned to full health, all litter and plastic had been vaporized and was converted into energy.  Suddenly, Dolphins began leaping up out of the waters like they were happy and joyous.  As this was going on the leaders of the world began changing the way certain harmful things were done on the Earth, and opted to protect and make great the only place we call home.  It was time now for the atmosphere to be purified, for this to happen Kuri required contact with her own dimension.  She relayed a message and a beam of blue light struck her outer shell like she was absorbing it.  After what seemed like 15 minutes the light ceased and Kuri re-activated herself.  She was about to speak when suddenly, a little girl by the name of Adria came to her, she wanted to personally thank Kuri for helping us save our world.  Kuri smiled with a sort of emotion, then she said she would fly up above the planet to repair the atmosphere. One of the scientists asked how will she fix the damage that has been done.  She replied. "I have absorbed a power stream from my world that contains materials called ketophorbic energy cells.  These we created 1,000 years ago and have the power of healing in them." She explained to the world that for a short while, people of the Earth would see a yellow sky due to what Kuri will be doing to repair the damage.  She then proceeded to rise up from the ground and ascend to the sky and beyond.  Everyone looked on in amazement and sheer bliss that this was going to happen, there are parts of the world that simply never see sunlight due to smog.  This has been caused by man's ever-growing requirements of buildings and sheer destruction of the natural world.  Cars and pollutants being deliberately released into the atmosphere and the waters of the Earth.  Kuri was at the height she was required to be at to begin the process, she beamed out an energy source from her body and it looked like a wave.  It was vibrating and the sounds were eerie at first, then the waves turned into ripples that smothered the entire planet.  Images from satellites were blocked out and no communications worked, the planet seemed to shake and wobble slightly. But not enough to cause any harm. All the harmful poisons were being soaked up into the yellow beam and eliminated.  After a while, Kuri moved and the beam stopped.  "All has been done," she said.

All lifeforms will feel different at first, due to breathing fresh air and pure oxygen.  Images were coming through from weather satellites, and they showed an Earth that looked new.  It was so blue and even the clouds looked fluffy and white, like in years gone by. The whole world gave thanks to Kuri. After all that had been done, it was time for Kuri to address the world's leaders and give them advice regarding maintaining the balance between life and harmony.  Now it was time for Kuri to return to her dimension, she told the world that her kind would be watching us.


Thank You.

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