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National Defense Strategy: Ignore Extra Terrestrials

Is it any surprise?

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis announces the 2018 National Defense Strategy

The title of the 2018 National Defense Strategy—“Sharpening the American Military’s Competitive Edge”—pretty much sums up the tone that has been set by Secretary Jim Mattis. (Article)

Note what happens when we use wormation to read his name under EARTH Methodology to see if it fits into the ETA and generates those repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence. 

Do the Math is ET.

Remember how weeks earlier the former commanding officer of the Navy's VFA-41 "Black Aces" FA-18 squadron came forward and said Extra Terrestrials exist, they may be hostile and we need to prepare for it? (Article)
You have to ask yourself if a high ranking military officer who specializes in dealing with aerial phenomenon makes this statement, shouldn't it be taken seriously? Apparently not. The 2018 National Defense Strategy and more importantly the "Pentagon space posture" is: Don’t even try to mess with us. In other words, all they are concerned with is the status quo of dealing with conventional EA type problems like Russia and China. 

Note what happens when we use wormation to review the names of the countries under EARTH Methodology to see if it fits into the ETA and generates those repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence.



C = 3 = E (symbolism)
H = 8 = EighT = ET = TE = TwelvE = L (insertion new wormation method)

MAREIAC (enagram)
MARTIAC (substitution T for E)
MARTIAN (alphanumeric C = 3,  N =14,  4 -1 = 3,  N = 3)

If the commander of an FA-18 squadron can't raise the awareness level of the military over the UFO problem you have to wonder if anyone can. What is it going to take? Is a CTV or Volute going to have to intercept Air Force One in a Tactical Vee formation on a routine mission and perform RATIO maneuvering to get their attention?

RATIO - Right Angle Turns and Instantaneous Omnidirectional Acceleration

It almost becomes easy to view the possibility of the Government as a Hextocracy and the Military as a Hextary as the reason why they would just ignore valid warnings. Under those conditions that would explain why no action will be taken.

This is one of the few instances where you can try to look at the non-possibility of Hetlau, Hextocracies, and Hextaries and still wonder even under a pure EA reality shouldn't the warning signs be heeded?

The reality is the only way you can really look at it is the conversation level of the ET UFO phenomenon simply has not risen to the level of national attention, much less global where it needs to be. Prior to the FA-18 intercept, UFOs were relegated to delusional disorders and schizophrenia. Now it made prime time headlines but it still is nothing more than a cocktail hour conversation piece. There is absolutely no credibility given to the subject matter of ET and UFOs. Even though they can be briefly discussed on major news networks with a measured response that is as far as it goes.

The key is to look at how the public is just towing the line. No need to worry, the military would clearly take care of this if it was a problem. Let them deal with it internally. No one needs to wonder why we don't discuss it at a National Defense Level. For that matter how could you even have a National Defense with the possibility of Hetlau. You certainly won't raise the issue of Global defense because that will upset the nice division of people which allow for the war stature on the planet.

Even more interesting look what happens when we use wormation to review the names of NORAD the North American Aerospace Defense Command and STEALTH under EARTH Methodology to see if it fits into the ETA and generates those repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence.


Is it possible that CTVs and Volutes know how to operate without being detected by primitive EA radar? Could the possibility of HET running a Hextary be mocking the EA with the name given to the place most likely to detect a UFO on radar?

Just look at how we are developing STEALTH Technology to avoid radar. Is it a coincidence that STEALTH says STEAL WEALTH as if to confirm core concept 3 of the ETA. Convince the EA they need to fight a war against each other. Then with the advanced technologies they develop, you can funnel funds into the appropriate organizations that are substantiating the process.

Just make sure you don't change the National Defense Strategy to include defense against ET because it will just turn into disclosure.

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National Defense Strategy: Ignore Extra Terrestrials
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