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Needing Out

Cult of Suppression

We all remember our lives differently than others. Some things are embedded in our minds the same way, just with a different perspective. Well my recollections of what has gone in my life is my variant of my life. And I know that there are people that don't quite agree with my perspective.

I am the oldest of three children. I deal with anxiety, depression, permanent hearing loss, which I had since birth, and I've been wearing glasses for as long as I can remember. My parents moved frequently when I was growing up, because they got bored easily where they were living. I was born in Edmonton, Alberta. My sister in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Then my brother in Kitchener, Ontario. Yes, we even moved around in the Kitchener area while growing up. I didn't adapt to moving so well growing up, because I was afraid to make new friends in the event that my parents were in constant moving mode.

Also, my parents, who are not religious whatsoever, sent my siblings and I to church on a weekly basis because my parents wanted us kids out of their hair for a couple hours on top of going to school during the week. As I got older, I was the only one committed to going to church. And my mom, the one who still to this day doesn't regret sending her children to church, to blast me for being “devout,” made me serious question faith, God, and religion as a whole. I honestly admit that I have been hypocritical that I even left the church I was going to because it was harming my overall well being. Then I got involved with another church through an online test and ended up getting into a worse off situation than before.

Before I got into the other church, I was looking for answers to alleviate the symptoms and onsets of anxiety and depression. I thought I found the answer and was I ever wrong. I was actually getting the treatment and support I finally needed through the hospital in my city and the networks that I once was intimidated by that is more of an asset than a burden. I do not belong in the cult, I belong in the community that is actually willing in getting me better and supports me. I haven't been taking my meds due to the suppression and the destruction that the cult puts on an individual once the individual has been blinded by the help that does not actually exist within the cult.

Sadly, I signed a waiver, which, after some connecting the dots with community supports, is not legally binding as the cult claims. I am doing what I can to make my voice known and seeking any help that is out there without getting the police involved. I want to get as distant as possible from this cult that claims to do more good than harm. I have allowed them to mentally and emotionally harm me long enough and it is time for me to leave and disassociate myself from the cult.

I honestly wish I did not get involved with the cult. I, like others, need help to get out. This cult should not continue to do the harm that they are doing and adamantly denying. I don't want to live in silence any more of what I have experienced and observed. What this cult is doing is wrong and needs to be stopped immediately. The time to stay silent ends now. The doors need to be shut and at a rapid pace. Be vocal, and let the torment end.

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Needing Out
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