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Netflix's 2017 Lineup Includes 3 Underrated Sci-Fi Flicks You Haven't Yet Seen

These three titles in particular are definitely ones you'll want to see before they're gone.

Netflix has added a new selection of movies and episodic series to its ever-growing catalog of videos available for direct streaming. Known for showcasing a wide variety of content — from well-known titles like Captain America: Civil War to lesser-known modern cult classics like Hot Fuzz — now #Netflix has added three sci-fi films that every fan of the genre needs to see. The new additions are substantial, but these three titles in particular are definitely ones you'll want to see before they're gone.

1. Spectral (2016)

A Netflix original, Spectral is probably one of the most refreshing sci-fi releases of recent times. Added to Netflix's catalog in late 2016, #Spectral is just now receiving recognition for its innovative and original approach to the #sciencefiction genre. The film centers around James Badge Dale's character of Dr. Clyne as he travels through an active war zone, with an enemy that's invisible to the naked eye lurking everywhere. Dale is perhaps most familiar to viewers for his roles in Iron Man 3 and The Departed.

Playing opposite Dale is Emily Mortimer as Agent Fran Madison, who you've probably seen in Our Idiot Brother, Shutter Island or The Newsroom.

In comparison to most sci-fi movies, which tend to borrow themes and concepts from other films within the genre, Spectral differs in how it presents a facet of sci-fi lore not yet explored in mainstream films.

Most of the film follows Clyne and the soldiers at his side as they attempt to discover the identity behind their unseen adversaries — but the end to their search turns out to be far more surprising than anyone could have ever predicted.

Without giving too much away, the conclusion is a very good reason to watch, but the entire film is definitely worth the nearly two-hour runtime, especially if you're a fan of the mythologies established in other sci-fi films.

2. Bad Milo! (2013)

This one might not be on your bucket list, but if you have 90 minutes to kill and Netflix at your disposal, then Bad Milo! is one sci-fi #comedy that'll make you laugh, cry and cringe all at the same time.

Another original flick sponsored by Netflix, Bad Milo! is currently available for streaming. This one wasn't a big hit when it was released some three years ago, but it nonetheless picked up steam and garnered something of a cult following. Indeed, people seem to really dig the hilarious chemistry between Ken Marino's Duncan and Milo, the demon who lives in his gut. Some fans are even calling for a sequel to the hilarious sci-fi adventure.

Bad Milo! is probably a film you'll want to indulge in if you're in the mood for something sci-fi tinged and absurd, but with a touch of the dramatics.

3. John Dies At The End (2012)

This comedy-horror was developed in 2012 and is only now making its way to Netflix. In the entertainment industry, five years is a lifetime.

Regardless of how long it's been since John Dies at the End debuted, the film was met with little to no reaction upon its release, mainly because not a lot of people saw it. The reason for that was perhaps due to the film's obscure title, which wasn't at all reflective of the central focus of the plot, or even slightly indicative of what happens at the end.

Although, we do have to acknowledge that the film was nominated at the #SXSW Film Festival for the Audience Award and shown at #Sundance in 2012, it still didn't bring in the audience. That being said, John Dies at the End is one of those sci-fi cult films you'll want to see so that when a movie buff acquaintance mentions it, you'll know exactly what they're talking about.

The film does offer a measure of originality, which is why it's worth a watch. In terms of what it is that makes the film great? There was no overuse of the damsel in distress ploy, nor the use of supernatural abilities. Also, the explanation behind the sci-fi elements utilized were authentic, yet reminiscent of supernatural origins established in the likes of #Marvel while in no way a ripoff of any Marvel title.

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Netflix's 2017 Lineup Includes 3 Underrated Sci-Fi Flicks You Haven't Yet Seen
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