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No Filter: Part One

Part One

Since the radiation wave from space hit the Earth two years ago, humankind is in danger. The radiation killed more than 37 percent of the population and created many diseases that our technology is not advanced enough to cure. The natural resources are being contaminated by radiations as well: air, plants, even the water; causing the life-support systems to fall drastically. At this moment, NASA is forced to rush the New Home program in order to ensure the safeness of living on Shiva. After a long and challenging training came to an end, two young and brave men, Sam Goodwin and Lloyd Main, were chosen to lead the world towards a new beginning.

People gathered around in the center of their country to see on huge screens their heroes that will risk their lives in order to save others. A fog of hope and suspense muted an entire world waiting for the two heroes to have a successful launch. Hush sublime. The words “The launch has been a success,” were like a spell that broke the curse of doubt and fear upon billions of souls.

Sam Goodwin: 26 years old, 5’8'' tall, his right cheek was bitten by a horse when he was a kid. His upper body is muscular, no chest hair, pale. Long and skinny legs with a big scar on the left thigh. He was stabbed when he tried to protect his mother and young sister from their abusive, drunk father. He is at the beginning of creating a new family with his current fiancé Anita Schneider.

Lloyd Main: 28 years old, 5’10'' tall, blond with a very light shade of blue in his eyes and a prominent jawline. Very muscular upper and lower body. He has a car service business right in his garage, providing a sufficient support for his family. During his childhood, his father was absent. Thus, at age of 13 he started working to help his mother and his younger brothers. Now, he is married to a not-so-famous songwriter Amalie and together they have a two-year-old daughter, Matilda.

They were the ones who will travel with a luxurious ship, Shiva. Designed only for two people and full of supplies that were smartly chosen in order to support them at least one year.

Few minutes before the landing, they both were checking if everything was prepared. With a trembling voice, full of excitement, Sam said:

“Earth, this is Sam. We are ready for the landing. Copy that.” The signal was low, they barely understood what Earth was saying.

“After you land, give us a signal so we know you are safe and ready for your next tasks.”

“Lloyd? Are you ready?" Sam turned his head to him looking for an answer. He nodded. “Here we go.” Suddenly the whole ship started shaking and getting pulled faster by the Shiva’s gravity. “What the fuck is going on, Lloyd?” 

Panicked and confused, Lloyd screamed. “I don’t know!” Sam grabbed the transmitter and tried to get in touch with Earth. “We have a problem, something is not going as planned. The gravity force is way too strong and pulls us on the ground way too fast. We are getting ready for a forced landing.” Nothing. Nobody answered.

A high-pitched noise woke Sam up. His image was blurred and he smelled like burnt plastic. He realized that he is in danger and pulled his helmet off and went to help Lloyd with his. He unfastened all the seatbelts and stood up. The blood was dripping from his head on his forehead and through his ears. “Lloyd! Wake up!” His helmet’s shield was broken and pushed inside, cutting deep into his nose and right beneath the eyes. Sam managed to get it off. “Come on, man, Wake up.” Lloyd opened his eyes slowly. “Good job!” Sam lifted him up, grabbed Lloyd’s right arm and put it around his neck and with the other hand was holding his waist. Slowly, they were walking out of the cockpit. “Jesus, you are heavy.” Sam put Lloyd down against the exit door while he was running to get the first aid kit to help Lloyd with the bleeding. He opened the supply room and everything was in flames. “No…no, no, NOOO!” Angrily, he pushed the fire alarm button and covered his face while running toward the kit. He returned to Lloyd in a rush, sat on his knees and started cleaning him. 

"Fire,” with no voice Lloyd said. 

“It’s alright, man. Don’t worry about that right know. Just stay still.”

Two hours later, Lloyd woke up and could stand up by himself. He walked into the supply room and noticed Sam trying to save as many goods as possible.

“What happened here?” Sam turned his head towards him.

“Oh, you woke up.” Long beat. “Well, we are fucked. That’s what happened.” He dropped some boxes and went closer to him. “The landing was rough, man. Destroyed almost half of the ship. We lost most of the supplies, fuel and the worst part, we’ve lost the communication system.” Lloyd had no expression. Nothing.

“How is your face? That landing got you good.”

“I’m…” Lloyd cleared his throat. “I’m good.”

“You are not much of a talker, are you?” Sam left the room and tapped on Lloyd’s arm. “Let’s clean your bandages, they look awful.”

“Did you go outside?” Lloyd turned around.

“Nah. The door is stuck because the control panel is destroyed. We need to open it manually.” He pointed at Lloyd, “And I need those muscles.” He kept looking for new bandages. “I took a peek on the window, though. It looks dead.”

“Just like us,” Lloyd whispered and went to try the door.

“What?” Sam turned around. “Whowowow. Easy, big guy. Let me help.”

They both forced the lever of the door with their whole strength. Steam and smoke came out once the door opened. They both stood on the edge of the ship admiring the view. The planet Lexa was very similar to Earth. They were surrounded by high hills, rocks, and low vegetation. The only life that they could see were new species of bugs and flies. Sam had the courage to jump off the ship and made the first step on Lexa. Very happy of their success, he screamed in excitement. “WE DID IT!” Lloyd, being a bit insecure, he smiled awkwardly.

“Oh, come on, L. Can we enjoy this for one second?”

Lloyd jumped off the ship and walked slowly towards Sam.

“That’s what I’m talking about. Wohoo!" Sam went for a hug and tapped Lloyd on his back. They both laughed.

For a second everything felt nice and safe. Unfortunately, the reality kicked them in their face and they looked at each other and realized that it is not what they have expected. Thus, they decided to go back to the ship and start making rations to see how much time they’ve got left.

They sit in the kitchen at the table. Both worried and depressed. Lloyd started the conversation.

“How much time we’ve got left?”

Long beat. Sam touched his forehead with his palm.

“It’s bad, man.”

Lloyd got impatient. He repeated himself angrily.

“How much time we’ve got left?”

“Four. Maybe five days.”

The first day since they landed on Lexa was almost finished with no accomplishment. Frustrated and angry, they both exteriorised in any way possible: cursing, destroying equipment, and fighting each other until exhaustion. They barely could sleep that night.

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No Filter: Part One
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