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Old Enemies Likely to Return in Series 12 of 'Doctor Who'—Who Will Make a Comeback?

Chibnall Will "Have a Think"

Doctor Who [Credit: BBC]

A female Doctor, four companions/friends and an entire batch of new monsters; Doctor Who is back with a fresh, bold new era. Jodie Whittaker's first series, joined by Mandip Gill, Bradley Walsh, and Tosin Cole, has stormed the viewing figures for BBC One in 2018, with the opening episode itself getting just under 12 million viewers itself alone. 

Whilst the show has (sort of) been reinvented, Series 11 has divided fans into two halves, as one half loved the latest series, whereas the other half didn't, and I think we know the reason why. 

As mentioned, Series 11 (excluding the New Year's Day Special) had no returning monsters and aliens from other series. No Cybermen, no Weeping Angels, nothing. Instead, we were introduced to the likes of Tzim-Sha (Tim Shaw), the Pting, a frog, and so much more. However, it looks as though that's about to change.

Doctor Who [Credit: BBC]

New show runner, Chris Chibnall, has recently hinted that classic foes will be storming their way back to the hit BBC show in the coming Series 12 in 2020, with the Daleks already back! 

At a question and answer session after the private screening of the 2019 New Year's Day special episode, "Resolution," Chibnall was asked if familiar enemies alongside the Daleks will actually returning to the show. In response to the question and the return of the Daleks, Chibnall said:

"Knowing that we would have no old monsters in the series was really a build-up for the special, so that when the Dalek appears…it’s hopefully exciting. It feels rare, and fresh, and thrilling. Well did you like it that we brought back the Dalek in that one?” 

Following a short cheer to that statement, Chibnall continued on by saying: 

"Well, maybe we’ll do some more then… I’ll have a think.”

With that in mind, what monsters could actually return?

Doctor Who [Credit: BBC]

Chibnall has already redesigned the Daleks as seen in "Resolution," so we know he's not afraid to do some more shake-ups to the show. Some of the most anticipated Doctor Who villains are the Daleks (obviously), the Cybermen, the Weeping Angels, the Sontarans and the Ice Warriors. 

Introduced by former showrunner, Steven Moffat, the Weeping Angels have become a huge fan favourite and fans still await their full return to Doctor Who. The Weeping Angel's last full story was way back in 2012, where they took Amy and Rory from us in Manhattan, before making future cameos in 2013, 2015 and 2016, where they appeared at the end of the Doctor Who spin-off show, Class. The Weeping Angels were set to have a huge storyline in Class as part of "the arrival," however, Class was quickly brushed under the carpet by the BBC and Big Finish Productions picked it up for a batch of audio stories. 

The Cybermen have been heavily used in the recent years, as they stormed two of Peter Capaldi's series finales. These being Series 8 ("Dark Water & "Death in Heaven") and Series 10 ("World Enough and Time" and "The Doctor Fall"). With the Daleks and Cybermen being the main favourites, it's the return of the Sontarans that everyone is waiting for.

Doctor Who [Credit: BBC]

The Sontarans were first introduced to Doctor Who fans way back in 1973/74 in "The Time Warrior," with Jon Pertwee as the Doctor. Since then they've made many more appearances in Doctor Who until 2008, which is when they last had a full story to themselves. They have, of course, made several cameo appearances in the main show since then, but it's almost as if they've been forgotten about now, apart from Strax. 

Alongside Doctor Who, the Sontarans were used frequently in the smash-hit spin-off show The Sarah Jane Adventures, but apart from that, we've pretty much said goodbye to them, unless Chibnall is planning on bringing them back for Series 12? Let's be honest, Whittaker's Doctor meeting a Sontaran would be somewhat iconic?

Doctor Who [Credit: BBC]

News on Series 12 is being kept secret as expected, but it has been confirmed all the current cast will be returning for another set of adventures together, but the episode count remains unknown. Will Chibnall keep to a reduced series with ten episodes? 

Fans are hoping for the return of some classic villains in Series 12, but which villain do you want to see return?

Doctor Who will return "very early" on in 2020 with Series 12.

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Old Enemies Likely to Return in Series 12 of 'Doctor Who'—Who Will Make a Comeback?
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