On Borrowed Time

Extinction of Man?

Ever since man has looked up at the heavens there have been many unanswered questions about the destiny of mankind. These unanswerable questions have always reoccurred through each millennium. We have often asked are we all just dust in the wind in relationship to the enormity of the cosmos? Are we endowed by our creator not only as Thomas Jefferson wrote with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness but with the ability to survive, and coexist with other life forms elsewhere? Today, though it is quite evident that man has not yet perfected the art of just coexisting with humanity and nature right here on planet Earth let alone if we managed to be able to go anywhere else.

One can arguably state man's destiny not only lies here on planet Earth but to go literally where no man has gone before. To explore for new life forms and to colonize other earthlike planets. We are often reminded of that quote in the movie Interstellar "We weren't meant to save the world we are meant to leave it. Mankind was born on earth it was never meant to die here." Still many question that humanity's destinies are intertwined with saving our world and reaching out into space. But, it is the obstacles mankind faces to actually achieving our destinies mostly are from man himself. The self imposed limitations to fulfilling our destinies has crippled every attempt to do so. Even though some try to break free of the limitations placed many are now confused as to the direction we ought to take.

Is it greed and hate that has set mankind on this destructive path we have been on? Are we so sure of ourselves that mankind will last forever? Think again for we really could be on borrowed time. For centuries now what really has been all those petty squabbles, the internal strifes, the international crisis are so in sequential in comparison to the greater dangers lying in wait from nature herself. Many of which have been induced by man's recklessness in total disregard to our own environment. Then there are those imminent threats deep in space that will eventually cause an Apocalyptic event on Earth. If we don't address these life ending situations now on borrowed time we all are.

The greed and hate of men today has manifested the collaboration to seduce the world into thinking that nothing else matters except their own personal gain. We have now turned a blind eye to achieving our destiny. On borrowed time mankind continues their existence only knowing the limits we have place upon ourselves. The constraints we place for not allowing man to have the availability to gain the ability to overcome imposed limitations has placed mankind's future in peril.

Today, the world revolves around those who have power, control and wealth. In too many instances it is the harboring of wealth that dictates the self absorption of more wealth and power. This all leads to more control over societies. It is so evident today but many in our society have already turned a blind eye to what is actually happening. On borrowed time we all are.

There are common denominators that binds all mankind's survival and future together. We all need air, water, food, shelter, and clothes. The basic necessities of life as we know it. These are the entities that link mankind's survival. We are all dependent on man's coexistence and cooperation in securing that the basic necessities of life are available and accessible for every living thing on this planet. Yet, in too many instances millions the world over are without these basic necessities. It is the non-empathic pervasive attitudes that prevail in society are the cause why so many the world over remain so destitute.

As the destinies of man remain unfilled time is against our survival. All one has to see that the hand writing is already on the wall is to look no further than the numbers of animal species that are extinct or on the verge of extinction are growing. The numbers are too alarming to ignore any longer. Is humanity next? We just might be if we fail to lift our self imposed limitations and reach for the stars while securing our on place right here on Earth. Until then humanity is now on borrowed time. 

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