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Orbis—Emerald Civil War, 630 BDW

A Major Turning Point in the Political History of Emeraldia

After months of silence, I've decided that now is a good enough time in my life to continue this profile. Since starting university as a creative writing student, I’ve had a lot of time to write more for my world. I’ve remoulded old pieces, finished more writing projects that further flesh out my world and most importantly, I’ve started to come closer to a real plan for my first official world. 

For this account, I’m going to continue the Brief History series. But, alongside that, I will post all my other writing pieces relating to the world of Orbis, so I can continue bringing my ideas to life beyond my own mind. So, here is my newest post.

Orbis—The Emerald Civil War of 630BDW

The Emerald Civil War was a major conflict in 630 BDW that sparked as a result of aggression from the Blue Rose Lordship. It was a major turning point in the political history of Emeraldia as, prior to the civil war amongst the empire, the Grand Pax Emeraldia’s end was already foreshadowed in their economic struggles—this only lead to increase their rate of decline.

A sour relationship between the Emerald emperor and the High Lord of Blue Rose lead to violence when, the High Lord declared his province independent from the Empire and crowned himself King of Blue Rose. This was dreadful for the empires economy as they were the second wealthiest province and the second largest exporter of goods across the empire.

Many other provinces such as Warendale, Wildren, Maun and Hartyr relied much more on Blue Rose for trade than they did the Heartlands. As such, when Blue Rose declared independence, these other nations soon followed in their path and went with them under the Blue Rose banner.

The second Emerald Empire was undergoing a rapid economic and power decline due to many factors. One such being the widespread of global colonies; maintaining their outposts and protectorates was a heavy strain on their military and food supply.

The other biggest factor was their Cold War with the Hong Jin Empire—The Grand Dynasty of Ming Tao. There was also their loss of Bronzepoint, a major trading hub and one of the richest provinces of the empire and Emeraldia. Finally, the Empire had suffered constant rebellions in the Nordic Lands. They had lasted for around 400 years. However, it had been a whole century since they hit their peak. Now, with Blue Rose’s ambitious declaration of independence and many others with them, things for the emperor grew too much to bare. At the start of the civil war, Emperor Julios II ended his life by jumping from his quarters balcony. This already left the empire in a tricky position as they had to rush to crown the next in line. Julios II was not known to be a competent emperor; his reign only lasted 12 years before his suicide. He hadn’t done much to fix the declining economy. However his younger sister, Istrid I, proved to be much better.

At the wake of the war, Blue Rose had began a campaign to take Milton. It was a strategic foothold near the throat of the Heartland. High Lord of New Blacklion was under lots of pressure to switch sides, but remained loyal to the Emerald Crown. This however would be his demise when the three week long campaign to conquer Milton was a striving success. The King of Blue Rose now set their eyes on the Lordship of New Blacklion. The Emerald Generals were perplexed at the Blue Rose Army’s valiant efforts. The Emerald Army had been dispatched to hold the throat and keep the line on the southern border of Horosia. Much of their troops were abroad attempting to keep ahold of the colonies across the realm. Blacklion were suffering devastating defeats to Blue Rose, the Emerald army arrived too late to save them. The Battle for Blacklion had been won by the opposing army in mere weeks. The Emerald Army was chased up north. They outnumbered the Emerald four to one. Most of Blue Rose’s forces were concentrated and dedicated to this battle, meanwhile the Empire’s forces were scarce and spread far too thin.

Three months had gone by since the initial declaration. Blue Rose had amassed a Grand Kingdom of their own. Not excluding the provinces that joined them at the beginning, a total of six provinces were under the Rose’s fold. Their thorny stem grew with each waking day—and they lost very few battles.

They had split their main army into two—the West Army and the Central Army. The Emerald Army, however, was still calling in battalions from across the seas to aid in their campaign.

Blue Rose had drawn up a plan; use the West Army to take Stormdon from the south western border then convene the generals to plan their next moves. This stratagem was bizarre and many generals were dubious about it. Many disapproved of the idea of attacking Stormdon—it was a powerhouse for military in the empire and provoking another enemy with such a history of prowess could end disastrously. But, optimism was high. Their recent successes had allowed their minds to elude them. Little did they anticipate that Stormdon would become their greatest adversary yet. The West Army was smaller than the Central Army. Blue Rose expected bigger resistance from the Heartlands. Both the Central Army and the Emerald Army were locked in a stalemate—each awaiting the preemptive strike from the other. They would be waiting a while.

Blue Rose had completely undermined Stormdon’s military capabilities and due to this, lost the battle against their elite knights. All in the space of a mere month, Blue Rose’s seemingly infinite luck had faded away. This was their first major defeat; it wouldn’t be their last. The generals were forced to reevaluate their tactics. After months of civil war, Blue Rose finally learnt just how finite their resources and soldiers were. This would becoming increasingly apparent as the final stage of the war began when their vastly superior opponent had launched their largest assault campaign yet.

The Rose’s inflamed ego was burst by their own thorns. They had abandoned the Stormdon campaign and sent the west army to regroup with the Central Army. Unbeknownst to them, they were in for a bigger fight than they were capable of. Stormdon had joined the fight to end the Civil War that had been raging on for half a year at this point. Blue Rose began to feel a bitter sense of irony when their forces were stretched thin between the Stormdon knights and the Emerald Army. Luckily the army arrived when they did, as without the reinforcements, the Emerald Giant would’ve easily smashed through their defensive front and pushed their way through Blacklion into Blue Rose.

At this stage, six months in, the most intense part of the fighting had only just begun. Countless bloody battles were fought along the Blacklion and Heartlands border. They held off well in the west, but eventually, the Empire—with Stormdon’s aid—had gathered a larger army to break down the Blue Rose defenses. Milton had been liberated by Emerald Naval fleets and a separate campaign into Warendale began. All the Emerald armies from across the realm had been arriving day by day. Blue Rose was now feeling the full might of the Grand Emerald Empire. They seldom sought victory, rather they focused on defending their territories.

The provinces of Maun and Wildren had turn-coated against the Blue Rose and allowed the Stormdon knights through their gates. The Emerald Army finally arrived at the Blue Rose Capital 10 months in. King Noavich I of Blue Rose had hung himself in his quarters. That day, the kingdom officially surrendered.

Although they failed to overthrow the Emerald Dynasty and establish an independent state, Blue Rose’s campaign was enough to speed up the collapse of the empire, and just under a decade later, the Empire was officially announced bankrupt. Many provinces of Emeraldia and the mainland Emerald Empire would gradually secede and the empire would be no more for the over a century. Despite their failed efforts, the Blue Rose Province would go on to start their own kingdom and dynasty of their own; lasting until the rise of the third Emerald Empire.

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Orbis—Emerald Civil War, 630 BDW
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