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Orbs of Light

Advanced communication devices, stargates, awareness anomaly for the believers, or something else?

Random shot of Ole' series 2011. A multidimensional collaboration of different vibrational frequencies of extraordinary Muses celebrating life in LE CIRQUE DE LA VIE. 

Orbs continue to be an inseparable subject of  my art since I have noticed them first in some of the photographs taken by a friend at the November Full Moon gathering in my studio back in 2011. 

Curious, and excited by my personal experiences investigating this strange anomaly, I welcome every sensible and insensible theory and conspiracy theory. Totally ignorant, my initial action in gathering information and documenting this mission impossible scenario, was to search the world wide web. To my stunt, there were countless other examples of photographs taken all over the world by professional as well as amateur photographers. Websites devoted to orbs and their functions. Some came with complete manual and explanations of the colors. I was in heaven. There was a mental orgy going on in my head and I was loving it cuz it was as hilarious as it was mysteriously orgasmic. Fresh out of the oven subject to play with in a SciFi comedy story. My point and shoot was attached to me with an extra battery in my pocket everywhere I went. I was having fun taking lots of photographs in different locations, and different occasions entertaining and amusing myself in laughter, thinking; what if?

Disappointment replaced the excitement, once I read about the "Orbs of light" in Wikipedia and learned that Orbs are actually single particles of dust illuminated by the flash of a digital camera. I was instantly sold on Wikipedia's declaration on the Orbs phenomenon, but energy does not lie.

Heightened sensitivity is a part of being a multidimentional traveler. And this frequent traveler restlessly took his new baggage along on every trip, making it difficult to ignore the sensation of changes in vibrational frequency associated with the ecstatic state of mind, attracting one or more particles of dust to be at the right time, in the right place, so that they could be illuminated by the flash of my digital camera. Uncontrollable giggle and laughter left me with no other choice but to think; what if? 

Of course the orbs are particles of dust illuminated by the flash of a digital camera, but when one or more particles of dust are precisely in a correct position, with different results in diameter, intensity and color, I think; what if this is not an accident? What if the primitive sensory perceptions are dysfunctional? Henry Bergson once said; "the eye sees only what the mind can comprehend". What if we are all muses entertaining the extraterrestrial intelligence in a comedy show? What if we are being infuse with something beyond knowledge in a new revelation in a never ending ever-changing process we refer to as evolution? 

What is it that limits my imagination to the point that I allow myself to question the existence and presence of transhumans, hybrids and  extraterrestrials among us, but the grand delusion?

In assistance to help dissolve the grand delusion, I have developed a technique and created a course in Orb photography for entertainment purposes. Nothing serious!

Course title: Orbs photography

Location: Omni.

Pre-requisites: Curiosity, Patience, ambition, persistence, and last but not least; sense of humor.

The level of difficulty: Highly challenging, extremely difficult, mission impossible.

Tuition: Priceless. Free of charge.

Required tool: Point and shoot.

Place yourself in a comfortable position in a dark draft free room. Place the point and shoot on a tripod or a duck within your reach. Induce alfa state. Refrain from channeling. Do not prey. Think grand. Leave possessions out of the equation. Visualize what you love to see most. Leave sex out of the equation. Focus on the vision and see all the details. Hold on to the vision as you hover around it, seeing it in as many angles as possible. Re-examine the vision for its authenticity. Repeat the process if necessary. Open your eyes. Reach out for the camera slowly not to disturb the particles of dust in the air. In anticipation of this magical revelation; summon the orbs and invite them to play in the assurance of no expectations, give it your best shots and see for yourself what the mind is not capable to comprehend and be grateful for science and technolgy!

Let us contemplate: 

"Imagine you are an awareness, as needless as the illuminated particle of dust; what would you do then, what would be the function of your truth?" Zorak