Outrun Stories #17

The Rush You Like

There’s that look in her eye, I’ve seen it a million times before. That glint that reflects the neon hue of a million different lights as she looks down and over the city and she turns and it’s there, like she’s absorbed the light, and then that smile creeps across her face and I know what’s coming.

“Johnny, let’s do it, tonight! Come on, you’ve been promising me!”

Tonight, fucking tonight’s the night she chooses to be like this? Of course fucking of course, how could she be any other way? One second she’s as cold as ice, the next she’s pulling that look out of nowhere and I’m helpless to it. She’s fucking magnetic but the boss said not to leave the building–not tonight. How can I help myself?

Steaming down the side of the skyscraper in the clear glass elevator, the city screaming opportunity to us as we race out of the building, into the Porsche and out onto the road. Top down, engine red-lining, the pulse quickens and I look over to her, her curls flowing in the warm night air. She’s dangerous, she’s gentle danger but there’s no helping it, she’s got me, right?

“Is this thing loaded, Johnny?” She asks pulling the Desert Eagle .50 out of the glove box, pointing it to the night sky and laughing.

“Of course it is, baby,” As I look over to her and know that everything that is so perfect about her, everything spells trouble for me. “Come on, baby, put the gun away. We’re not even supposed to be out tonight, the boss said it’s too dangerous.”

“Oh, what the fuck does he know? He’s always saying things like that,” she laughs it off and fires a few rounds into the air. This fucking broad. She’s everything to me, and I’m nothing to her, just another caretaker, another guard she pulls on and into and fuck me, what’s wrong with this picture? How’d I get in so deep so quick?

“Over the bridge, Johnny! Over the bridge!” She’s yelling and laughing and every part of her is alive and alight and I drift the car round the bend and onto the bridge. Screaming across, the city’s harbour shining its neon glow and bang, the first flat comes, bang, the second flat, and I know we’re fucked.

“Oh shit!” She’s screaming and laughing and firing the Desert Eagle back at the car full of thugs that’s found us.

“I fucking knew it! Why the fuck did I ever listen to you?!” I scream at her and I know why I listened, I know why we’re here, I know, I know, I know, I know I had no choice, and I know now, I’m going to die.

There’s a flash and the car flips and the rest; glass, smoke, blood, screams. I smash my skull against a million different things and with each blinding hit I see her face pulsing through my mind, until it stops and I open my eyes and she’s gone and I laugh. That’s the rush you like.

Musical inspiration – Vector Hold – Striker

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