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Patama Lake

Patama Lake is mysterious and only a few knows about it. Those who are lost can never leave for fear they will tell outsiders. The spirits who used to live here had perished to disease and natural disasters, their souls fill the lake, but no one knows about its secrets except a few who even can tell you stories that may haunt or excite you. It is a fictional town.


Kyle Philips—A 30 year old, born and raised in Miami, FL isn't a native to Patama Lake as he was stranded here when he was 28 so he knows some parts about the lake by asking around to villagers here who have lived here their whole life when he first arrived. He used to do small jobs here and there such as fishing, sometimes ride his bike to deliver newspapers to make extra bucks. 

Kayla Bailey—Kayla is a young, 21-year-old college student from the city who is fascinated about what makes something move or how does it work? Always asking questions about an invention she is unaware of. She has long, blonde hair and cerulean blue eyes. Kyle seems to have a crush on her.

Barry Roberts—He's always lived a rich life, his fiancee had vanished without a trace so he came to the lake in order to get answers about her whereabouts. Barry is unable to sleep because of it as he seems to drink even at odd hours without eating anything. He is in his late 30s.

Michelle Owen—She is new and stuck here until someone helps get her Buick started again. It had sputtered out of control when she was heading to her destination, but the front engine was smoking so she went to open the front hood checking to see what the problem was. Tried as she might, she couldn't get it started so now she is wondering where the hell she is. Michelle is in her mid-20s who is also a full-time attorney at a law firm in Wyoming.

Chapter 1: What is this place?

Barry Roberts was groggy, he hadn't been sleeping for quite a while now ever since his fiancee disappeared on him leaving no messages on his cellphone nor written a letter to tell him how she was holding up. The last time he saw her was after dinner that night, it was late so she had to go catch up on her z's before kissing him goodbye. He had stayed in a cabin made of logs, they all look like this except some were of a different decor than his temporary abode. He fell into alcoholism the night she vanished, what else can he do but worry himself to death. His cell phone rang, it was early morning about 8 AM. Did he want to answer it? He let his voice message on instead giving him a break. His hair was unruly, dark brown as he hasn't been taking care of it lately, depression can do that to you, put you in a hard place until the one thing that will change that is a miracle, but that may not be happening in his favor. Barry drunk a spirit straight from the bottle. The glass wasn't important enough to reach for so he mumbled to himself before taking more swigs until a knock sounded at his front door, then a bang, he was partially drunk as he got up abruptly out of his chair in the kitchen that wasn't too big nor very small either, but it'll do for now. Swinging the door ajar halfway, blocking the entrance to the person standing on his front porch.

"Yeah, what do you want?" Barry called in his drunken voice

The woman wore a light green pantsuit, a matching colored skirt, and vinyl, matching shoes with three-inch heels to complete her outfit. It was what gave Michelle a professional look whenever she was in front of her audience, especially her clients and fellow legal professionals. She was concerned with the man's well-being as she wasn't too sure how to explain her desperate situation to a man who looked terrible, seeing the bags under his eyes didn't really set impressions with her, but it didn't matter as she was anxious to be on the move as a client was supposed to be seeing her in a few hours. Michelle's hair was neatly combed, a light brown texture that brushed only to her shoulders giving her that sheen that told you how well she keeps herself up with the best quality.

"Sir, I know this bad timing, but I need your assistance. I am on my way to meet a client you see and right now my car isn't running. I'm in a hurry, can you take a look at it?" Her tone felt desperate, but not in a plead form of it, not yet.

Barry glanced at her as if she had grown two heads rather than one. What did the woman want with someone like him anyway? Besides, he was a total wreck that was for sure. He belched slightly, the alcohol was his ticket to saying whatever, whichever, he so pleases especially to the stranger, this woman who thinks she is on top of the universe dressing like that. "I'll see what I can do ma'am. As of right now, I'm busy." He slurred his words as he was hoping she gets the message and scurried away, but he saw she still stood there as if she was a pesky fly on his wall that would never leave. Giving up, he swung the door wider so that she can get access to his home. Michelle had wondered for a while now, she asked him since she assumed he may know seeing he looks intelligent enough.

"I'm Michelle, you look as though you know a lot about this place. I was in too much of a hurry that I didn't catch the sign."

The man leads the woman, Michelle was it? To the living room where he sat on a coffee-colored sofa, it looked old-fashioned, he seems to like it enough to curl up on like a cat choosing its favorite spot as it's territory. He offered her a drink, but Michelle quickly dismissed it. "No, thanks. I need to keep my head clear. So, can you tell me your name, sir?"

Barry decided to answer since she was nice enough to ask "It's Barry." Ah, first name basis, got to in this place. He had heard around here, eavesdropped actually that many had died here, who died? That was the $100 question even he wanted to know the minute he came here to settle in.

Michelle sat across from the man, studying him, she could read people well, but that was part of her profession as an attorney, cross-examining the witnesses back in Wyoming has given her lots of experience. Upon close inspection, she realizes he was having a very hard time, but with what? She wasn't quite certain. It wasn't in her place to ask, Barry's privacy wasn't hers to tackle so she decided to strike a conversation that was small talk and not something that made her feel she had devil's horns protruded from on top of her head.

"So, Barry? Can you tell me what this area is?" It was subtle, not too drastic nor perplex enough that he couldn't respond.

The man sat up straight, the shirt he wore was a regular, cotton white shirt with the top half showing some of his chest hairs that proved he wasn't too young nor quite up in that old age just yet. Barry glanced in Michelle's direction, he figured she was not from around here as she didn't seem like it to him ever since he met her at his front door just an hour ago.

"This Patama Lake, I hear stories, tales, it's supposed to be frightening, I don't believe it though. Man are very strange creatures of habit you know? Coming up with legends to either fascinate or scare the little kids. People talk all the time, I just happen to overheard it one day about mysterious happenings. If you drink from it, something strange may happen."

He drunk his spirit to emphasize his point. Barry was not buying that one little bit. So what? Mom told her kids about the Boogeyman under their beds or that the Tooth Fairy was real enough they believed it enough to put a loose tooth under their pillows hoping this fairy would give them money.

Chapter 2: Fish Song

Chapter 2 Preview

Kyle loves nothing more than fishing, he gets into a speedboat down by the docks and takes up his rod that he never leaves behind. It is one of his favorite hobbies. During his fishing expedition, he sees a school of fish in the center of the lake singing? He heard the mysteries of Patama Lake from others whose lived here their whole life.