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Paul Levinson Read from 'The Whether App'

At Philcon, 2018

My first published story in a "pro" market was "Albert's Cradle," back in 1993, in Amazing Stories.  I therefore was especially pleased when my story "Slipping Time" was published in the fall 2018 re-launch issue of Amazing Stories.  The magazine, by the way, was started by Hugo Gernsback in 1926, making it the oldest science fiction periodical still in publication.

I was even more pleased when Amazing Stories bought another one of my stories, just written a few months ago, for publication in its Spring 2019 issue.  It's entitled "The Whether App."  I read from it this past weekend at the oldest continuing science fiction convention, Philcon.  You can see and hear the reading in this video.  I didn't read the story in its entirety.  If you're dying to see how it ends, you'll need to pick up a copy of Amazing Stories this Spring.  In the meantime, enjoy.