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Pluto in Capricorn

My perspective on the influences of Astronomy and Astrology on the human psyche: Do the planets and constellations affect us?

Dante Alighieri, in his 14th Century play The Divine Comedy, immortalized Italian Astronomer Guido Bonatti, who served as advisor to Frederick II, The Holy Roman Emperor. In Dante's Inferno, the 8th circle of Hell is a place where those who would divine the future have their heads turned around. This ironic, eternal punishment forces those damned to the 8th circle, to look always backwards, instead of forwards. Galileo Galilei overturned the old Astrological order during the Renaissance, with his use of Astronomical Observations, and Horoscopes. The 17th Century practice of using Astrology and Astronomy became distinctly separate. Astronomy became a science. Astrology was considered a form of divination, and became an art. The old Astrology used by the Babylonians no longer existed. The separation of the two sciences helped drive the development of Astronomy.

Pluto, "The Ruler of the Underworld," is working with the Builder Sign of the Zodiac, Capricorn until 2024. Then Aquarius starts her work...

Pluto was named for the Roman Ruler of the Underworld. In our Solar System, it is the planet farthest away from our Sun. Some planets take longer than others to complete a cycle. Pluto takes 248 years to orbit around our Sun. It won't come back until 2227. The last time Pluto was closer to our Sun than Neptune was between 1979 - 1999. It can stay in a Sign anywhere from 11-16 years. Pluto's orbit is strange, and more oval-shaped than the orbits of other planets in our Solar System. It also rotates on its side, at 120 degrees. The farthest from our Sun, like Uranus and Neptune, it stays in a Sign for extended periods of time.

Discovered in 1930, its discovery was at the beginning of a historical decade. In the early 1930s, our "National Anthem" became our official song, J. Edgar Hoover went after Organized Crime Bosses, and the Great Depression worsened. Hitler rose to power, and Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Towards the end of the decade, Amelia went missing during another flight, and was never found. In 1939, The Manhattan Project was created to begin the Atom Bomb Project. The 1930s ended with the beginning of World War II.

Today, Pluto is in Capricorn. It entered in 2008 and will remain until 2024. A few years ago, my roommate/friend and I talked about this transit.

While Pluto transits through Capricorn, the Builder Sign of the Zodiac, they are spending some busy years together. In my opinion, a great deal of global change having to do with clearing sub-conscious "skeletons in the closet" and deep rooted sexual problems has been in store for us.

During the early years of this transit, we had unusual reports of young girls running away to join ISIS and reports of young girls being gang-raped by these terrorists—"to make me one of them" they had told one young survivor. The media has been taken over with complaints of sexual harassment, and reports of past sexual assaults. Actresses that have fallen victim by directors and other Actors, no longer ashamed to speak up, seemed to have come rushing out of the woodwork. The suicides of victims, and accused, are reported almost daily.

We have had natural disasters, and the threat of natural disasters due to Global Warming come to fruition. It began with tsunamis, and a lot of earthquakes in unusual places. Just recently the melting of an iceberg in Antarctica broke off in a chunk the size of Connecticut. Mudslides, and devastating hurricanes leveling whole countries, rare volcanic activity, and the strange broken harp sounds being reported by worldwide news channels, are heard around the world.

I have already planned to get a bunker ready for some terrible catastrophe, but that could just be my Taurean personality, who is always trying to be prepared. People have had to start making survival plans in anticipation of a Nuclear War. The natural disasters have them eager to start to rebuild their cities, and all this in the influence of the Builder Sign.

We also see in the news there’s a massive loss of life going on with North Korea's "ghost ships" full of dead, starved North Korean's being found. The impending nuclear war, and the Doomsday Clock that was just set to two minutes to midnight, all build on fears already present. A war between the most powerful nations in the world, North Korea, Russia, China, and The United States, is just a hair-trigger away. There's also the culmination of a religious war with the Palestinians and Israelis over Jerusalem. All these acts and threats of violence constantly in today's headlines, makes it feel like the end of the world as we know it, is right around the corner.

By 2024, all will be ready for when Pluto enters Aquarius. Since Pluto signifies the sub-conscious and the Underworld, it will be interesting to see how this combination works its magic on the world. Aquarius is a tad eccentric and thinks "outside the box." Not surprising since its ruling planet, Uranus, is the only other planet besides Venus that rotates in the opposite direction around the Sun. BUT, it's the only planet that tilts on an axis that is completely tipped to the side. Both Venus and Uranus rotate on their axis in a counter-clockwise direction. I would describe Uranus as ALL backwards compared to Earth, and the other planets. Eccentric Aquarians love to redesign, and help the other signs see new, fresh ways of identifying and completing tasks. They are also somewhat intuitive, largely sub-consciously, to the world around them, which is probably why they seem so aloof. I think they have their third eye tuned out permanently, lest they fall victim to getting lost in the paranormal world around them. Two Aquarians I knew could say who was calling before the phone even rang. That was before caller ID and cellphones.

With Uranus-ruled Aquarius being entered by Pluto in 2024, I really hope that with all the changes that have been taking place during this transit in Capricorn, a fresh new world will be in the works. These scars of terrorism, washed clean. The "out of the box" approach will shape the spiritual, political, and home lands that have been torn apart by religious wars, political unrest, and global weather pattern changes. Since 2008, it feels as though there’s a tension building up, readying itself, almost like a carbonated soda that was shaken, and then explodes once it’s opened. Undoubtedly, fresh approach Aquarius will influence Pluto and usher in a new world order.

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Pluto in Capricorn
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