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Pyramid - Planetary Identification Marker

Earthling Mining Claim Marking Stones


Talk about a case of misdirection! In order to understand what a Pyramid really is you need to go back and edit the foundation of the possibilities of how you think society works. Most people are willing to accept the possibility that ET may have had something to do with building them. The technology used still marvels us today and they appear to be aligned with star systems in ways we still would have trouble performing today.

Unfortunately, though, it is going to take a lot more than ET to explain them.  What it is going to require is the possibility of Hetlau. Not just hetlau, but a hetlau that can perform feats that exceed EA comprehension and are using ETI that is following an ET architecture based on the possibility of War with the EA.

To get your mind around it you will need to believe in the possibility that HET:
  1. need large scale projects to mind control societies
  2. need large scale projects to achieve misdirection
  3. need large scale projects to achieve subliminal dissemination
  4. have a master-slave relationship with EA
  5. mine EA the way EA mines minerals
  6. have all the EA that died on Earth alive on other planets
  7. perform galactic, universal, celestial customs, rituals, traditions etc...
  8. may have used Volutes to assist in building them
With the previous societal characteristic traits as a starting point, you can go back and imagine Hetlau running societies of the ancient era. They have a couple of problems they need to solve and building pyramids solves them.

They need large-scale projects that will require the manpower of most of the people in the society working for them to accomplish them. The rest of the people provide support roles. Essentially, other than war, the pyramid becomes the purpose of their civilization. Purpose of the civilization relative to the EA members of the temporal period of that time frame. The hetlau running the society know the pyramids have hidden meaning that will continue on beyond the end of that societal era.

Possibly, In other words, the designers of them thousands of years ago possibly built them not only to accomplish goals in their present day but they also possibly knew EA would be dealing with them in the long-term future which is our present-day reality. That is a difficult concept for most EA to get their mind around, that beings could be so prescient in nature to know what is going to happen that far out in the future. Especially when we think we are more advanced than them and we can't do that.

The hetlau need to convince the people building the pyramid will allow the leader (an HET) to get his spirit to leave Earth (or whatever you want to call that concept) so he can live in the afterlife. The HET leader could take a variety of methods to port his / her spirit (or whatever you want to call that concept as well) into another body. The easiest one to imagine is that they would take a Volute to another planet and morph or polymorph themselves there. They could potentially teleport themselves there or bring the porting equipment here and morph or polymorph themselves here but that requires more imagination. At this point, it's best just to try to understand the least complex option. They need a story that sounds mystical to give the people a sense they are performing a higher order process.

Morph — same image new body
Polymorph — different image new body

Building the pyramid is also going to serve a long-term goal of performing misdirection and subliminal dissemination. Basically, the follow-on societies will waste countless hours and infinite amounts of resources trying to figure out what these things are. This plays right into the plan of the ET architecture and war here on Earth. The individuals' time wasted and funneling of their resources to organizations the HET deem appropriate to achieve the plan are paramount. 

Where it really becomes bizarre is when you introduce the concept of human mining or EA mining. Imagine the possibility every EA that has ever lived on Earth is alive on another planet. Imagine the ET / HET have a master-slave relationship over the EA. Imagine they place the EA on Earth to raise them as slaves essentially mining them the way EA mine mineral assets. So, the EA are like mineral assets to the ET / HET.

You could also think of the intellectual comparison of the EA to the ET / HET similar to the intellectual comparison of animals to humans. Imagine ET / HET are way beyond the intellectual level of EA and EA don't have the imagination and comprehension level to realize just how sophisticated ET / HET are. Imagine telling your pet you're human. That is the comparison you need to envision to imagine an ET / HET telling an EA they are ET / HET. EA just aren't built or raised to comprehend it.

So imagine part of the ET / HET architecture is to put people on planets and mine them as slaves and then make them think when they die it's over. Then, in reality, they are moving them to other planets to continue to use them as psychological slaves just at a higher order of reasoning than here on Earth. It's similar to the way we raise animals and move them around to facilitate the functions of our EA society.

Where the real purpose of the pyramids come in really isn't all that bizarre at all. First, you have study land claims in the era after the gold rush primarily. Though it also takes place in other countries throughout history. Mining claims were being requested so fast as the territory spread west that in the absence of effective government, Mexican claim law which already was in place was honored.

Basically, all you had to do if you found an area you wanted to mine was build a three-foot-tall pile of stones called a cairn (which resembles a small pyramid) and the mine was yours.

Now comes the difficult part because you have to us ETI to put it all together. Possibly, using EA logic the ET / HET are making a claim on the planet Earth to mine human beings and the pyramids are possibly proof of their right to do it using our own logic (land claims).

This is the kind of nonsense EA are going to have to deal with when disclosure happens. What EA aren't prepared for is just like EA treat animals as slaves and resources and essentially mine them for their own benefit, a similar relationship exists between ET / HET and EA. The problem is going to arise when the EA realize this and think just because they can realize this is going on that they have some right to be an equal class citizen with the ET / HET.

Try to imagine what a herd of wild horses are saying to themselves when EA heard them and take them to stables and domesticate them. Imagine the horses telling the EA, "hey we have rights to be equal class citizens with you!" If you can envision that you are beginning to understand the relationship between the EA and ET / HET.

While we search the skies with SETI listening for radio signals and wondering if bacterial level organisms may exist, the possibility exists the ET / HET have fully developed societies at a level EA can't imagine or comprehend.

If all that isn't enough then you have to try to figure out did they really have all the EA slaves build those pyramids block by block? I am sure they don't care about the slaves and how miserable the toil and conditions were. You have to wonder though if at any point they park the Volutes overhead at night so people can't see them so they don't appear all over the place in hieroglyphics. Then either acting as heavy lift equipment or even some type of electromagnetic force changer, make it easier to put the blocks into place.

The most interesting part is when you make a hypothesis that the ET  / HET are using the pyramids as mining EA land claim markers, and then test it by reading the word pyramid in alien.

PY = PlanetarY (bracketing)
RAM = MAR (reversal)
= MARker (porpheme)
ID = IDentification (porpheme)

So you can see how reading the word pyramid in alien says
Planetary Identification Marker
which confirms our hypothesis and adds more evidence of the repeating patterns of the possibilities being discussed.

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Richard Van Steenberg
Richard Van Steenberg

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Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU)

Trying to raise the societal awareness level that Hetlau have been present the whole time man has been on Earth in my Two Way Mirror Theory.

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Pyramid - Planetary Identification Marker
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