Real Life Robots That Are Useful

Real life useful robots already exist to do aspects of the jobs of security guards, lifeguards, spies, cleaners, and home care aides.

Technological advancements in automation have led to a significant shift in labor trends as automated real life useful robots are replacing humans in many fields. The world is experiencing an ever increasing blur between the lines of yesterday’s imagination and today's reality in automation. Robotics technology is evolving at a very fast pace and shows particular promises. Over two decades after James Cameron’s unique vision of a robotic assassin captured the attention of viewers all over the world, current world efforts to build machine men are advancing ever closer to reality. From small nanobots that can invade and cure human tissues and diseases to robots that are performing unmanned medical operations, the future of real life robots is now.

Many of the human creations in robotics are perplexing in their complexity. The capabilities that these robots are offering have made them common in field of use such as chemical, medical, engineering, and the military. There are robots out there being built to conduct other common human functions.

Here are the most interesting, real life useful robots around. While they are extremely complex, they aid in simplifying our lives. These machines, and the ones that are sure to follow in their robotic and technological footsteps are sure to have an astonishing impact on the future of the world, technology, and humanity.  

Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner by iRobot

The Evolution Mint Cleaner os one of the top automated hard floor cleaning robots used in homes and offices. It’s a simple robot to use, all the user needs to do is attach a disposable microfiber cloth and set it in either dry of damp mode.

The cleaner navigation system enables it to map floors with inbuilt sensors, navigating walls, furniture, carpet, and other obstacles. The device is programmed even to clean the edges of the walls, hidden areas around the furniture, and reach places that an average vacuum cannot, where most of the use would not bother cleaning. 

Relaxation Robot by WheeMe

If you are looking for real life useful robots, WheeMe is among the top as the first body massaging robot on the market. WheeMe is a palm-sized robot that caresses and massages the body with slow and steady movements. It can steer automatically over the body without ever falling or even losing its grip, thus providing a delightful sense of bodily pleasure.

It’s a product of DreamBots, a famous Israeli company based in China and the US. The robot weighs just 240 gm and has been proven to be an excellent therapeutic device.

Robotic Lawn Mower by Robomow

For those who hate mowing lawns, you might consider the Robomow RS360. Made by the same group that invented the first robotic mower in 1995, the robot can trim up to three-quarters of an acre. Robomow is a 44-pound of plastic with capabilities of traversing 20-degree slopes and manicure down to 0.78 of an inch.

The machine is programmed to avoid swampy yards. As soon as the machine deuces that the grace is too wet to mow, it stops and returns to its safe and dry base station until conditions improve.

WINBOT 850 by Ecovacs

If you hate washing dirty windows and keep asking if somebody else can do it, WINBOT, is your solution. It’s capable of cleaning framed or unframed, clear, frosted or even colored windows. The WINBOT series W8 is a strange and multi-talented robot that cleans vertical and horizontal windows.

It’s programmed to cling to any thickness glass by way of vacuum suction. It automatically determines the areas to clean, calculates the most effective route, and start the washing. Once it completes the washing it returns to its starting place and waits to be placed back in the closet.

The manufacturer points out that with the paired remote, you can run WINBOT from the recliner.

Roomba 880 from iRobot

Based on the original, this robot-vac keeps getting better. This is the most popular and recognized helper robot being sold. The 800 series is better than its predecessor, with capabilities of collecting up to 50 percent more dirt, dust, and hair than the original series.

The robot scoots around the house, autonomously vacuuming as it goes along, although it’s programmable to clean on a schedule or even a whim. You don’t have to keep looking for the robot as it returns to the dock and charges itself between cleaning. It also alerts you when its dust bin is full.

Grillbot GBU:BUN102-BLACK by Grillbot

Another real life useful robot can be used to clean the grill without lifting a finger. The device is used to clean your grills with just a push of a bottom. The volleyball-sized Grillbot will skip across on a hot or cold grill by widely spinning its three wire brushs until the grill sparkles. You don’t have to worry about torching your cleaner as it warns you if the temperature is too hot for it.

To Conclude

Nowadays, real life useful robots can be found in all types of industries and homes. It seems that unbelievable advances in the arena of robotics are being made all the time. Since their advent, work has begun to be shared between man and machine. Robots are currently more technologically advanced and autonomous; they are doing jobs faster and better than most humans. They are programmed with precision and intelligence that make them perfect for a wide variety of jobs. 

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